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• 8/28/2018

So, guys

was that the last episode?
I..i just cant believe ...
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• 6/17/2018

Camp Camp font?

I'm woking on a Camp Camp fan project, and I was wondering if anyone was aware what font is used for the show? (I figured someone here might know since it was in the wiki's logo)
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• 6/16/2018

Season 3 Episode 4 discussion (possible spoilers)

I liked this episode a lot, with everything that was happening with Nikki & especially the Max and Nikki interaction, it's nice when we get to see Max's nice side, also i ship Max & Nikki so hard
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• 2/2/2018

Fanon Wiki

So, I've decided to make a fanon wiki for people who want to share AUs, fanfiction, etc, and was wondering if anyone would like to help me with it.
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• 9/26/2017

Camp Camp birthday party ideas?

I'd like to get ideas for foods, decorations, etc..for my stepdaughters birthday party, it's a couple of weeks away and she absolutely LOVES Camp Camp. Any help you guys can offer, I'd be grateful!
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• 9/18/2017

Camp Camp Halloween Art Contest!

This contest has concluded! The results may be viewed at

The Camp Camp Wikia, in conjunction with our Discord, is hosting our wiki's first art contest!

Create Camp Camp art that is Halloween themed. That's all! Just make sure you submit your piece before our submission period ends.

Entrants will have until Friday, October 27th at 11:59pm CDT to submit their artwork. To submit your art to our contest, follow the submission process in our Discord or you may submit your art on our wiki here:

Entrants are limited to one submission entry. If more than one entry is posted, only the latest submission will be considered. Submitted art pieces should be individual works, and not a collaboration.

3 winners will be chosen: a 1st place, 2nd place, and 3rd place with, at most, 5 runner-ups. Winners and runner-ups will have their submitted art prominently featured on our wiki in a blog post and/or wiki project article. And bragging rights.

In addition, the winners will win a special role on our Discord (if present on our Discord) and a special user tag on our wiki (if present on our wiki). The first place winner will get to pick the next art contest's theme (to be held at a later date TBD) and *possibly* something else. No guarantees are made concerning this possible additional prize.

The winners and runner-ups will be decided through public vote.

Up to 20 entries will be judged in a public voting period starting Saturday, October 28 and ending Monday, October 30. Should entries exceed 20 in number, wiki staff will choose the 20 that get to be voted by the public. THESE JUDGING CRITERIA AND DATES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE BEFORE OCTOBER 28. Winners are to be announced Wednesday, November 1.

The voting deadline has been extended until November 1. Results will be announced the same day.

DISCLAIMER: By participating in this contest, you grant the wiki an irrevocable license to publish and host your submitted art piece on our wiki, with proper attribution to you of your provided social media outlets and art handle.

If you have any questions or concerns, you may reply to this post below.
Camp Camp Wiki Halloween Art Contest 2017 ~ Submissions
Camp Camp Wiki Halloween Art Contest 2017 ~ Submissions Camp Camp Wikia
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