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The JoTS
• 6/17/2018

Camp Camp font?

I'm woking on a Camp Camp fan project, and I was wondering if anyone was aware what font is used for the show? (I figured someone here might know since it was in the wiki's logo)
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The JoTS
• 6/18/2018
Thank you for asking! The font used in the show is called "Soft Compound."
Good luck with your project!
• 6/22/2018
To be specific– we don't *really* know. "Soft Compound" is a free font alternative I used on this wiki that seemed close enough to the font used in the show. It has not been publicized what actual font is used.

However, for the wiki's logo I literally mangled that together myself from the existing Camp Camp logo. Can't give the font all the credit. :P W is an upside-down, slightly altered M; I is a modified P; K is an amalgamation of the P and M (iirc); A is an... A.
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