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The Agents are a pair of FBI agents who were featured in the first season of Camp Camp. They were in pursuit of Cameron Campbell for unexplained reasons, though it can be assumed that it is due to all of the shady schemes Campbell has successfully executed in the course of his life.


Both agents wear a black suit, accompanied by a white shirt and black tie. They both also wear a pair of black sunglasses, and black shoes.


As they've only had two short appearances in the first season, any specific personality details are unknown at this time.


Their only appearances have been in the first season. They arrive on the scene in "Escape from Camp Campbell" in an attempt to locate Cameron Campbell, who managed to stay out of their line of sight with enough time to give then-newcomers Nikki and Neil a tour of the camp. As the tour concludes at the edge of the lake, their car comes roaring into the area and they shoot at Campbell, who was able to make his escape by helicopter. They were later involved in a collision with the camp bus - driven by Max, Nikki and Neil - at the end of the episode, presumably as they were in the midst of following Campbell's getaway copter.

They appear again in "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" after receiving intelligence that some questionable searches were performed on David's phone. This was of course Max, searching "how to blow up a summer camp", "super murder plot" and "what do boobies look like?" Fortunately for David, he was not arrested after Max apologized, which the agents dismissed as him just being a rascally kid. The agents then asked David if he had seen Cameron Campbell in recent times, and his reply was "oh, uh... I've been told to tell you no", meaning that Campbell had David lying to cover his location.


  • Agent #1 is voiced by Jeremy Dooley, and Agent #2 is voiced by Patrick Rodriguez.
  • The two agents bear resemblance to Agent J and Agent K from the "Men in Black" franchise.
  • Despite popular belief, they are not the same agents/cool gay dads featured in "Parents' Day". As of that episode, Agents 1 & 2 are off the case of locating Campbell, and he is now being monitored by the duo collectively known as Agents Miller.


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