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—"Fashion Victims"

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  • Ainsley is a Flower Scout and according to her debut episode description, she is new. She was assigned by Penelope Priss to be head of the upcoming Flower Scout fund-raiser. Ainsley became a one-sided rival for Sasha, and the vindictive latter ended up sending her to a Siberian Labor Camp.


    Ainsley is a small girl with blond hair in bun, bangs covering her forehead, and long pointy sideburns. Her face has 6 freckles and red eyes, and she has a slight diastema on her upper front teeth. She is wearing a typical flower scout uniform (a white collared shirt and a pink checkered skirt) with 4 badges on her sash.


    Ainsley is a nice girl with a hippie-like persona. She is constantly smiling and seems to be polite to a fault. It is implied that her family are hippies as she has an emotional connection to tie-dye because according to her, her mom worshipped jam bands. She is charitable, as she wanted to donate the fashion show's proceeds to an organization dedicated to helping retired ballerinas find work.

    Ainsley has a fondness for "Photoglam" as she frequently mentions it and has her own account on which she posts her ideas. She also reads information about dieting that can be found on the platform, and even talked Miss Priss into doing the regimen, presumably without having done so herself. Because she is so kind and knowledgeable, the other Flower Scouts frequently come to her for general life advice. Said advice typically ranges from calming smoothies to "curating the best possible version of yourself", which causes her fellow scouts to admire her, with the exception of Sasha.

    She is one of those people who always see the good in others and will try to forgive others no matter how cruel they are, as she does this frequently with Sasha, though it ultimately backfires on her. It is also implied that she is very gullible as she is tricked into going inside a shipping container by Sasha, who told her that it was the only way to get to a Photoglam conference. Upon arriving at the dock, Vera was the one to physically lock her in. She complained that there was bad feng shui inside the container, which is bound for Siberia.


    • The website "Photoglam", of whom Ainsley is also a revered influencer, is a parody of the culture surrounding the real-life app Instagram.
    • Preston Goodplay is one of Ainsley's followers on Photoglam and according to him, Ainsley is his second favorite influencer on Photoglam. He holds Ainsley in high regard and frequently praises her, and goes as far as to temporarily ditch Camp Campbell to participate in the Flower Scout fund-raiser.
      • Given the poor quality of Camp Campbell's Wi-Fi and the lack of cell-phones seen by the campers, it is likely that Preston followed Ainsley before the events of "Escape from Camp Campbell".


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