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Baby Platypus is the offspring of the Platypus.


The Baby Platypus greatly resembles a smaller version of its mother. In addition, it has a small tuft of hair on its head, sparkling black eyes, a mustard yellow beak and feet. Physically, it also appeared to be on the chunky side, as it also had chubby cheeks and a couple of neck rolls. Unlike its mother, who is known to be aggressive at every turn, it greeted everyone with a happy high-pitched "muack".


The Baby Platypus hatches from the diaper wearing egg that Max and Nikki were tasked to take care of in the episode "Eggs Benefits." Despite looking happy, it only had a few seconds to live before it was devoured whole by its mother. With his get-rick-quick platypus egg-selling scheme down the drain, Campbell promptly donned a fake mustache, hopped on a submarine and was ferried out of the area. Max comments that this entire experience was a "fuckin' waste of a Saturday."


  • Although it does die almost immediately after being born, It is the only platypus to survive out of the brood. The others simply didn't make it as a result of how the other campers handled them.
  • Once hatched, baby platypi are commonly known as puggles, in the same way that a baby dog is called a puppy.
  • The appearance of the hatchling caused Max to audibly say "aww", which is the only time he's outwardly expressed fondness over something cute.


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