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Barbara Julie Dunkelman is the voice actress for Nerris in Camp Camp (Season 1-4). Outside of Camp Camp, she is Rooster Teeth's Community Manager and the host of Always Open. She also provides the voices of Yang Xiao Long in RWBY, O.R.F. in X-Ray and Vav, and Katie Jensen in Red vs. Blue.


  • Barbara has a reputation for making awful puns, earning her the nickname "Barbara Punkelman". This seems to be a habit shared with Yang Xiao Long, a character she voices in RWBY, who also occasionally makes puns.
    • There are several Rooster Teeth Animated Adventures that consist solely of Barbara's pun prowess being advertised.
  • Barbara is Canadian. She was born in Montréal (Québec) and later lived in Ottawa (Ontario) with her family from age 8-18. She moved back to Montréal to attend Concordia University in 2007 and graduated from the John Molson School of Business, receiving a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) in Marketing in 2011.
  • Barbara was a longtime community member of the site and volunteered at the first RTX before being hired full-time on December 12, 2011, after she graduated from school. She moved to Austin (Texas) in 2011.
  • She is Jewish, having been born to a Jewish family, and is the middle child, having one older and one younger brother. She often pokes fun of her heritage during Christmas (since Jews have Hanukkah as their holiday instead), but has photographed herself participating in Christmas parties with her friends nonetheless.
  • She is fluent in English, and understands French and Hebrew but speaks only a little of both (as mentioned in RT Podcast #275 at 56:34).