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I made a vow to show others the glory of the Wood Scouts. And I told call me SNAKE!

— Snake, "Scout's Dishonor"

Billy "Snake" Nikssilp is a Wood Scout. Initially portrayed as having ditched the Wood Scouts, it is revealed that he is, rather, a devout Wood Scout. 


Billy is seen wearing the usual Wood Scout attire with an eye patch. In Scout's Dishonor, He's shown to be eating a candy cane that has a sharp end. He also wears bandaging tape around his wrists.


Billy is seen to be rather devoted to the Wood Scout organization to the point of kidnapping other campers such as Max. He also appears to be keen to follow fellow Wood Scout, Edward Pikeman's orders and support him where necessary, as shown in "Gwen Gets a Job", when he gave Pikeman thumbs up when he was discussing his 'relationship' with Gwen. However he can find Pikeman's arrogance to be annoying.

Billy also seems to be keen for those around him to refer to him as Snake, rather than his actual name.

Billy is also seen to have a sensitive side, as shown in "The Lake Lilac Summer Social" when he visibly tears up after Tabii mentions that she was only using him for Neil's attention and mentioned she was treating him 'like shit' the entire time.

Billy may also be a sociopath, or at least show sociopathic/bipolar tendencies, as shown in "Scout's Dishonor" when he literally stabs Max with a jagged candy cane, and in "Gwen Gets a Job", when he suggests killing the Flowerscouts in order to beat their cookie sales (although he said it was Petrol's idea).

Hes also show to be arrogant. In his flashback in "Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot" when he portrays himself with an actual scar on his eye, large muscles, a five o clock shadow, and portrays the rest of his team (especially Pikeman) as incompetent. Since he has two working eyes, he wears the eye patch for decoration to seem hardcore.



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