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Blaine Gibson is an American on-camera host, content producer, actor, director, and screenwriter at Rooster Teeth. He predominantly works in the Live Action department of the company and has worked as the audio mixer on the Rooster Teeth Podcast. He has hosted, produced, filmed, acted and starred in Million Dollars, But..., and starred in The Know, RT Life, RT Shorts, the RT Recap, and Welcome to Hell.

He is the voice actor for Nurf in Camp Camp.


  • Blaine grew up in Texas after originally being born in Oklahoma. He attended Collin County Community College (after graduating from high school in Oklahoma in 2008) for 2 years, attending from 2010 until graduating in 2012, earning an Associate of Arts degree, majoring in art studies. During this time, Blaine held various jobs to prepare financially to transfer to the University of Texas at Austin.
    • In 2012, he attended The University of Texas at Austin where he focused on film production and film-making, graduating in May 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Radio, Television and Film.
  • Before being hired at Rooster Teeth in 2013, he worked at various jobs such as the sales department at Samsonite, a patent analyst at DL & Associates, content producer at Study Breaks Magazine, and a producer for Texas Student Television: 2012-2013.
    • He was a fan and intern for the company before being hired. During his first few months before being officially hired, he was known as "The Hot Intern" by the community.
  • He is left handed.