• Kennethgriffith


    March 15, 2019 by Kennethgriffith

    hi my name is kenny griffith. i am new to the camp/ wikki so i just hope that i can make some friends here. 

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  • The JoTS

    Season 4 comes June 1st!

    January 30, 2019 by The JoTS

    Camp Camp is returning this summer with EIGHTEEN (that's one-eight, 18) new episodes![1] (That's 50% more episodes than a typical season!)

    You can catch it on Rooster Teeth this June 1st, and stay tuned to this post for any updates in the near future.

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  • TheElectraFroot

    Camp Camp - Review

    December 22, 2018 by TheElectraFroot



    Hello, fellow users! I highly doubt you are active, but if you are, and you're reading this, perhaps you need some explanation. My name is TheElectraFroot, and I just joined. Since I am new here, and since I don't see anyone who has already, consider this my review of the show. Please note, however, that I have not finished the entire series. Mainly because my tablet is being stupid right now.

    When I first heard the phrase "Camp Camp", I was somewhat gaining an interest and wanted to know what it was. However, due to unforseen circumstances, I did not ask. Then…

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  • Batstick

    Max,Nikki,Neil and Jasper

    Vera,Hawn and Dang

    Sasha,Erin and Tabii

    Edward (as Leader of squad),Billy (Snake),Petrol and Jeremy










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  • ThethreadsofGOD

    So Niki dies?

    July 11, 2018 by ThethreadsofGOD

    So Niki is going to die in one of the episode, or..?

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  • PMF11

    Camp Camp: Town Town

    June 18, 2018 by PMF11

    Camp Camp: Town Town is a 90 minute movie, based off of the Rooster Teeth series, Camp Camp. Created by Miles Luna and Jordan Cwierz. 

    The movie was uploaded to the Rooster Teeth website, then to YouTube. It was uploaded on both websites the same day 24/07/2020.

    It is finally the last week of Camp, and Max has finally had enough of David and Gwen's stupid rules and activities. Up to the point where he clearly is sick and tired of them trying to keep the Camp from shutting down. After a huge argument with David, Max, Neil and Nikki finally escape the camp, and try to find their way back home. Only to end up getting stuck in a town called Samiko where they discuss the future and what might happen to them, when they finally seperate from one an…

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  • Goldenrod101

    In the episode "Jasper dies in the end", Jasper mentions his excitement for a newly announced StarWars Prequel. The “Newly announced Star Wars Prequel” to which Jasper was referring was announced in 1994. David is confirmed to be 24 in the series in present day. Assuming he was around 10 in this episode,  he would have been born in 1984. To be 24 in present day would mean that the series takes place in 2008, even though that would be impossible, figuring that in the episode “Into town” two old men stated that fun was outlawed in “‘09”, and after Neil asked if something happened “a few years ago” they specified 1909. If it were 2008, they would not have had to specify, and Neil would not have been able to say “a few years ago”. If the show …

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  • The JoTS

    It was recently revealed in a blog by Jordan Cwierz on the Rooster Teeth website that Camp Camp Season 3 will premiere Friday, May 25th to Rooster Teeth FIRST members. a week later, as usual.

    It should go without saying, if you want the series to continue on with even more seasons in the future, you should watch Season 3 at the official outlets linked above. Please support the official release.

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  • TheNinjaOnTheTop

    for writing a blog post.

    So here we are.

    EDIT: Got it.

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  • The Wiki Hopper 4


    February 14, 2018 by The Wiki Hopper 4

    Camp Camp is cancerous to mind. Stop watch it that show! This why children believe the world is flat. Now, pick up your science books and drop the nonsense!!

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  • Eckcro

    Camp Camp Fanon Wiki

    February 13, 2018 by Eckcro

    A reminder to everyone that there is now a fanon wiki for Camp Camp!

    Currently, there are two contributors (myself and a friend), and it would be extremely helpful if other people could pitch in. Two people can't possibly document all the fanfiction, AUs, memes, etc of the whole fandom!

    (It would also be really great if someone with wikia experience could help customize the homepage and fix the topbar navigation)

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  • SilverPastelStars

    The second of the two bonus episodes, "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever," will premiere tomorrow (Monday, December 11, 2017) to the general public. Remember to keep an eye out!

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  • The JoTS

    The Camp Camp Holiday special is set to release December 11th! (As announced at Rooster Teeth's Extra Life livestream.) The date may be subject to change.

    This episode will be the last of the announced bonus episodes.

    It's not too late to donate to Extra Life!

    The announcement of the special's release date isn't the only presence Camp Camp had on the livestream:

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  • The JoTS

    The results of our Halloween art contest is here! Through a public voting period, 3 winning entries and 5 runner-up entries were selected.

    The 3 winning entries will receive special tags on our wiki and special rolesets on our Discord.

    Thanks to all 20 of those who submitted art for our contest! Go to Project:Halloween Art Contest/2017 to see all the entries that were submitted.

    Submitted by Galaxy Bub 💙#9432 (Discord)

    Submitted by wannabe corpse#9848 (Discord)

    Submitted by Tartsy_891

    The following are our five runners-up:

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  • The JoTS

    Voting has now begun for our inaugural Halloween art contest! You can read more about our contest so far on our Discussions post.

    Voting ends on October 31st at around 12:00pm CDT.

    Voting for this year's Halloween art contest has concluded!
    You will need a wiki account to vote(why?). You can sign up for an account here.

    To vote, get the letters that represents each of your five most favorite entries and [}}# submit your vote on this form].

    Your vote is not posted publicly on the wiki and will be kept confidential. Only one vote per account is allowed– votes after your first vote will not be considered.

    Concerning holding the vote on the wiki...
    Voting is held on the wiki under unique user accounts as to lessen the impact of anonymous voters submitti…

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  • Gemmaniac

    2nd Bonus Episode

    October 28, 2017 by Gemmaniac

    So seeing how "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" already with it was a Halloween Special, and that being one of the 2 "bonus episodes" as stated by how theyre supposed to air this fall as said by the crew. Does this mean that the second bonus episode will be a Christmas Special? If so, then it'll be one of the best Christmas gifts any Camp Camp fan could ever ask for!

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  • The JoTS

    The first of the two bonus episodes, "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL," will premiere this Friday, October 6, 2017 at 12:00pm CDT[1] to Rooster Teeth FIRST members and will release to the public 24 hours later on the following Saturday. [2]

    • "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" on the wiki.
    • Episode link on!
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  • The JoTS

    User rights request process

    September 10, 2017 by The JoTS

    This wiki cannot rely on a single administrator running it indefinitely. Recently, this wiki's upper administration was halved due to several unfortunate events and diverging ideals; thus, has been reduced back to a single administrator.

    Although this wiki is still quite small and has only just turned a year old, it must wean off of having its founding administrator running it. This wiki is getting too much traffic to have only one person invested in the wiki's "behind the scenes." This wiki will require more attention as it grows– whether it'd be only to have more eyes examining edits, or to have people parsing through our files and properly organizing them (as I have been doing a pretty poor job managing the categories and files myself).


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  • Cuckservative

    Please for the love of god give dolph more screentime

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  • The JoTS

    The Season 2 finale has just released to Rooster Teeth FIRST subscribers. But it's not the end of Camp Camp, yet! There are at least 2 more episodes that will release this upcoming Fall, as was revealed at RTX 2017.

    Stay tuned!

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  • Phoebe Fennekin

    all in title

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  • The JoTS

    The "Camp Camp Panel Panel" returns for a second year at Rooster Teeth's annual RTX Austin convention!

    The panel will occur on this upcoming Friday, July 7th at 12:00pm CDT (17:00 UTC). This post will be updated with a stream link as it becomes available. You can join us for live discussion of the panel at our Discord.

    UPDATE: The panel will be streamed at The panel has ended! Enjoy the rest of RTX! A recap follows:

    • Platypus merchandise is incoming!
    • 12 episodes for Season 2, just as much as Season 1 had.
    • Season 2's finale (S2E12) will be double length at 22 minutes.
    • There will be two more bonus episodes after the Season 2 finale! They will premiere in the fall.
    • It has been double confirmed (originally mentioned in a Camp…

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  • Camp Camp

    Hello Camp Campers, I'm Tyler... I don't make announcements or blogposts. This is my first one c:

    So, Camp Camp Season One is over we're all aware of it. It was definitely a good finale, can't wait for season two.

    But it comes a time where we face a very long hiatus inbetween every season of a show we like...

    Red vs Blue, RWBY, X-Ray and Vav, and that incredibly long hiatus for The Strangerhood.

    But we can use this hiatus as an advantage, we can work on every single detail from season one and put it on the wiki before season two happens... IF it happens. But it's bound to happen because of the positive reception it got.

    So I'm encouraging all of you to do your best to edit the wiki to look it's best, I'll do the vectors in my spare time, and Jo…

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  • The JoTS

    This blog may be a bit late, but–

    In the span of nearly a month, we have amassed 60 articles, and managed to get 9 "active" editors (editors who have edited at least once in the last 30 days, according to Wikia's algorithim). Still quite the accomplishment considering our major sources of activity come from within Wikia.

    Our Twitter has been "revamped", and we will be posting little Camp Camp trivia throughout this off week.

    And later this week on Thursday, we can catch Elizabeth Maxwell (the voice actress of Nikki) on AfterBuzz's Camp Camp Aftershow.

    Although an episode won't release this week, it's still a good week for us campers.

    It may be a short update this time 'round, but otherwise I would just end up ranting about us improving our SEO …

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  • The JoTS

    As I type this, I am only minutes away from RTX.

    —Slaving over this computer at home typing this and watching the nice "live slideshows" that are the RTX streams (no audio). At least it's free. :P

    As I consider possibly buying a ticket for RTX Day 2 or 3 (see "watching the panel with audio"), here's a little recap of the news from the Camp Camp portion of RTX (thus far):

    • 2 more years episodes! In an apparently "unprecedented" move for the Rooster Teeth animation department, 2 more episodes atop of the original 10 episodes have been ordered for this season due to the "overwhelming response" the series is getting. Good job us!
    • "The Camp Camp Rap Rap" by will be released in its full entirety on iTunes... soon.
    • Camp Camp has been confirmed to be an episo…
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  • The JoTS

    Week 1 at camp!

    June 25, 2016 by The JoTS

    It's been one week(.) since this wiki has started, and I just finished watching episode 3 of Camp Camp.

    ...And I have already learned so much from the series and this fandom–

    1. I have come to the realization that I will have to redo the automatic categorization in Infobox character, remake Navbox characters, and recode List/custom, all due to that 3rd episode.
    2. The Camp Campbell salute is sexual. Apparently.

    Other than that though, this wiki has progressed a lot during this first week. We have:

    • Created 44 pages– not even including the ones that will now have to be created for episode 3.
    • A total of 7 unique editors
      • 4 registered editors
      • 2 anons
      • ...myself
    • Created some decently "powerful" infobox templates.
    • Established a pretty decent lookin' wiki-wordmark …

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