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Kim1986 Kim1986 1 second ago

Remember When I Wanted the Parents to Make a Comeback in Season 5?

There's this guy from Instagram who made a drawing of Max's Parents and I hope they appear in a Season 5 episode along with the other parents.

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Kim1986 Kim1986 1 August 2021

Hey, I Was Just Wondering...

If Camp Camp characters were in the Nintendo Switch game Miitopia, these are what their characters would be.

Max: Stubborn Theif

Nikki: Energetic Cat

Neil: (blank) Scientist

Nerris: Cool Mage

Harrison: Air Headed Mage

Preston: (blank) Pop Star

Ered: Cool (something)

Dolph: (blank) Cleric

Space Kid: Air Headed (something)

Nurf: Stubborn Warrior

Cameron Campbell can be the King, Gwen can be the Princess, Pikeman can be the Prince of a Nearby Land, David can be the Besmirched Noble's Son, the Flower Scouts can be the Fab Fairies and Daniel can be the Dark Lord.

I haven't come up with any roles for Quartermaster or the other Wood Scouts.

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Kim1986 Kim1986 8 July 2021

I Had This Dream

I just woke up from a wonderful dream. I was watching Camp Camp episodes on YouTube and found these never before seen Camp Camp episodes. One was about the campers on a tropical island and Gwen and Harrison were singing a song about it. Next I found a video about Viking camp. Then I found a Camp Camp animatic where all the campers are taking showers. These make great ideas for Camp Camp Season 5.

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Katrinaishellatired Katrinaishellatired 8 June 2021


Just some images and quotes that weren’t included

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Loudgirl564 Loudgirl564 2 June 2021


so I'm watching Camp camp and I don't know what the f*** I'm watching

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 30 May 2021

Me looking at Camp Camp ships in a nutshell

Me: Pinkie promise I’ll support your Camp Camp ships!

Maxvid shipper: Even if I ship Max and David?

Me: NO.

I support your Camp Camp ships unless you ship Maxvid. Stop shipping Maxvid, Max is a minor and David is an adult. I think of David more as Max’s adopted parent.

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Rabbidpony Rabbidpony 18 May 2021

Camp Camp Clean - Escape From Camp Campbell Changes

Max: Well, it’s definitely not because the bus only comes in from the city to drop off and pick up campers, and so far seems to be my only reasonable method of escaping this scary nightmare of a camp. Definitely not that.

David: Hey... how could you.

Max: No one cares.

David: Good morning, Gwen!


Space Kid: Gooooo! Crank it too high! I can take the G’s!

Gwen: Nurf, we do not crank that! Get down from there, Space Kid!

Nikki: So, what? It’s just some sort of Camp Camp?

Mr. Campbell: Well, I mean, I wouldn’t exactly call it out like that, but yes.


Most of the other kids look at Neil*

Max: Woah, check out that new kid! He’s got it quickly!

Nikki: Got what?

Max: Neil, that bus is our only chance out of here. Do you…

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 17 April 2021

Camp Camp OC: Melanie

Melanie is a recurring antagonist in The Misadventures of Camp Camp. She is Daniel's Cousin.

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HelluvaHotelVivziepop HelluvaHotelVivziepop 13 April 2021


I exist here now!

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 29 March 2021

Camp Camp OC: Tianna (i used Erin's images for this one)

Tianna Leaf is recurring villain in The Misadventures of Camp Camp. Like the other girls in the troop, There goal is to make Camp Campbell super smelly and dirty so Nikki can go back in their troop.

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 28 March 2021

Cherry (Just a oc)

Cherry Pikeson is a minor character in The Misadventures of Camp Camp. She is Nerris Pikeson's cousin and is the girlfriend of David's rival, Daniel Rushertons.

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Zeke The Queen Zeke The Queen 28 March 2021

Addley (Just a oc so dont delete)

Addley Trigonometrina is the main antagonist of The Misadventures of Camp Camp. She is the sinister cousin of David Trigonometrina and is the child of Aunt Carrybell.

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The JoTS The JoTS 6 March 2021

Where is Season 5?

This blog post made belatedly here on the wiki was made to help publicize series news, and to deter misinformation and rumors being published here or elsewhere. Please refer to official sources for latest updates.

Many community members on the wiki and elsewhere have asked where Camp Camp Season 5 is ever since Season 4 concluded in 2019. To address this question and mitigate the spread of misinformation, Camp Camp co-creator Jordan Cwierz had elaborated on the show's whereabouts on his Tumblr back in September 2020.

Cwierz's message may be briefed as such: Camp Camp is not canceled, as Rooster Teeth Productions does not outright 'cancel' its original shows. However, the series will no longer be solely produced by Rooster Teeth, meaning they are shop…

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Kim1986 Kim1986 1 March 2021

Another Idea for The Camp Camp Movie Movie

What if all the parents of the campers made a comeback?

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Jackie Foc Jackie Foc 23 November 2020

Max stress

Guys theirs this theory that Max has problems sleeping and stuff. Hear me out: In season 1 episode 8, "Into Town", Max says "I just want him to cry himself to sleep like the rest of us! I'm not a monster!" which confirms that Max cries himself to sleep. Now in season 3 episode 9, "Candy Kingpin", Dolph moves into the same tent as Max, and Max can barely fall asleep, but the next morning, Dolph asks Max "Did you know you grind your teeth in your sleep?" And Max looks shocked and a bit....afraid.

Grinding teeth can be caused by stress and fear.

Now here's where it gets worse: In season 1 episode 1, Max says to Neil and Nikki "Come on guys, I'll show you to our tent." OUR tent. We know that Neil and Max share a tent, but Nikki too? Did they hear h…

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Jackie Foc Jackie Foc 23 November 2020

(Camp Camp) Max's Issues.

Before I begin I want to say that this is my very first blog, so please forgive me if I make a mistake.

Max is seen as being the main protagonist and current camper of the TV series Camp Camp. He is seen as being a very pessimistic and mean, towards other campers, and sometimes himself. He is a very guarded character, and is not really open to sharing his emotions or problems with other campers. He often clashes with David, and bullies other campers.

But, like most characters, theirs more to Max than what meets the eye. Lets start at the beginning:

Max is revealed to have very neglectful parents, who often abuse and neglect him. When signing him up for camp, they simply gave the camp his nickname and age, not even signing him up for any camp, n…

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Kim1986 Kim1986 26 July 2020

Here's an Idea for a Future Episode of Camp Camp

I have many of ideas for Camp Camp Season 5, like the Camp Camp Movie Movie and this episode that I made a blog about just now.  In this episode, another summer camp pranks Camp Campbell into thinking it was the last day of camp.  David is tricked into waking up the campers on "the last day" in the middle of the night.  Then everything gets crazier when the Flower Scouts and Wood Scouts are tricked into switching camps.  I posted a picture of what it's going to look like.

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Kim1986 Kim1986 22 July 2020

I Had Another Dream

I dreamed about the plot for the Camp Camp Movie Movie.  It's a combination of 2 Camp Camp episodes: Camp Corp and Camp Loser Says What.  The movie will feature all the characters, including the campers' parents.  Even Harrison's brother makes an appearance- as a Wood Scout!  And the movie ends with someone asking "So when is Season 6?"  The Camp Camp Movie Movie will be the perfect Season 5 finale and it will have a perfect (and catchy) song with fan art you can see in the credits.

P.S. Here is the movie poster along with random screenshots I found on Instagram:

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Kim1986 Kim1986 24 June 2020

Good Morning, Campers

I just woke up after a good dream. I dreamed about a plot for a future episode of Camp Camp. It's an interactive episode where you find all the characters hidden in every place at a summer camp. When you find each character, you'll be surprised when another character tells them to take a shower. That'll be the running gag.

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Kim1986 Kim1986 21 June 2020

I posted Camp Camp Images

Do you see the new images I posted recently?

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Naterocks14 Naterocks14 3 June 2020

Badges people badges

Cool. Blog post.

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StarsGurl44 StarsGurl44 12 December 2019

My return

So, after 2 long years i exist again, not for long though, i am moving accounts on 01/24/20, don't ask why, it's mainly because my username is "StarsGurl44", and i don't identify as a girl anymore, and that name was created when I had an oc named stars and i dont use her anymore, and i already changed my username once, and i cant change it again. Also there is drama connected with this account, if you go to my message wall you can see two years ago i used to copypaste shit from other peoples' profiless,,, i dont do that anymore though, basically back then i was younger and stupid and wanted attention, and i had no creativity (i still dont) so i thought if i slightly modified other peoples' stuff people would like me more, though i stopped …

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Khaxhils Khaxhils 16 August 2019



I am hyped for "The Forest".

Jesus take the whole damn car.

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Khaxhils Khaxhils 29 July 2019

What's up with those squirrels

Anyone else curious between the correlation of Revenge Squirrel and David-lookalike Squirrel? I dream of the day this plot point gets seriously addressed.

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Kennethgriffith Kennethgriffith 15 March 2019


hi my name is kenny griffith. i am new to the camp/ wikki so i just hope that i can make some friends here. 

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The JoTS The JoTS 30 January 2019

Season 4 comes June 1st!

Camp Camp is returning this summer with EIGHTEEN (that's one-eight, 18) new episodes![1] (That's 50% more episodes than a typical season!)

You can catch it on Rooster Teeth this June 1st, and stay tuned to this post for any updates in the near future.

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TheElectraFroot TheElectraFroot 22 December 2018

Camp Camp - Review



Hello, fellow users! I highly doubt you are active, but if you are, and you're reading this, perhaps you need some explanation. My name is TheElectraFroot, and I just joined. Since I am new here, and since I don't see anyone who has already, consider this my review of the show. Please note, however, that I have not finished the entire series. Mainly because my tablet is being stupid right now.

When I first heard the phrase "Camp Camp", I was somewhat gaining an interest and wanted to know what it was. However, due to unforseen circumstances, I did not ask. Then…

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Batstick Batstick 4 August 2018

Got idea for Roster teeth,they should do a Camp Camp/RVB crossover story arc.

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ThethreadsofGOD ThethreadsofGOD 11 July 2018

So Niki dies?

So Niki is going to die in one of the episode, or..?

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PMF11 PMF11 18 June 2018

Camp Camp: Town Town

Camp Camp: Town Town is a 90 minute movie, based off of the Rooster Teeth series, Camp Camp. Created by Miles Luna and Jordan Cwierz. 

The movie was uploaded to the Rooster Teeth website, then to YouTube. It was uploaded on both websites the same day 24/07/2020.

It is finally the last week of Camp, and Max has finally had enough of David and Gwen's stupid rules and activities. Up to the point where he clearly is sick and tired of them trying to keep the Camp from shutting down. After a huge argument with David, Max, Neil and Nikki finally escape the camp, and try to find their way back home. Only to end up getting stuck in a town called Samiko where they discuss the future and what might happen to them, when they finally seperate from one an…

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Goldenrod101 Goldenrod101 29 May 2018

Small Age Nitpick

In the episode "Jasper dies in the end", Jasper mentions his excitement for a newly announced StarWars Prequel. The “Newly announced Star Wars Prequel” to which Jasper was referring was announced in 1994. David is confirmed to be 24 in the series in present day. Assuming he was around 10 in this episode,  he would have been born in 1984. To be 24 in present day would mean that the series takes place in 2008, even though that would be impossible, figuring that in the episode “Into town” two old men stated that fun was outlawed in “‘09”, and after Neil asked if something happened “a few years ago” they specified 1909. If it were 2008, they would not have had to specify, and Neil would not have been able to say “a few years ago”. If the show …

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The JoTS The JoTS 20 April 2018

Season 3 comes May 25th! (TRAILER UPDATE!)

It was recently revealed in a blog by Jordan Cwierz on the Rooster Teeth website that Camp Camp Season 3 will premiere Friday, May 25th to Rooster Teeth FIRST members. a week later, as usual.

It should go without saying, if you want the series to continue on with even more seasons in the future, you should watch Season 3 at the official outlets linked above. Please support the official release.

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TheNinjaOnTheTop TheNinjaOnTheTop 5 April 2018

I want that trophey

for writing a blog post.

So here we are.

EDIT: Got it.

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The Wiki Hopper 4 The Wiki Hopper 4 14 February 2018


Camp Camp is cancerous to mind. Stop watch it that show! This why children believe the world is flat. Now, pick up your science books and drop the nonsense!!

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Eckcro Eckcro 13 February 2018

Camp Camp Fanon Wiki

A reminder to everyone that there is now a fanon wiki for Camp Camp!

Currently, there are two contributors (myself and a friend), and it would be extremely helpful if other people could pitch in. Two people can't possibly document all the fanfiction, AUs, memes, etc of the whole fandom!

(It would also be really great if someone with wikia experience could help customize the homepage and fix the topbar navigation)

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SilverPastelStars SilverPastelStars 10 December 2017

Camp Camp Holiday Special

The second of the two bonus episodes, "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever," will premiere tomorrow (Monday, December 11, 2017) to the general public. Remember to keep an eye out!

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The JoTS The JoTS 13 November 2017

Camp Camp Holiday Special and Extra Life highlights!

The Camp Camp Holiday special is set to release December 11th! (As announced at Rooster Teeth's Extra Life livestream.) The date may be subject to change.

This episode will be the last of the announced bonus episodes.

It's not too late to donate to Extra Life!

The announcement of the special's release date isn't the only presence Camp Camp had on the livestream:

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The JoTS The JoTS 2 November 2017

Halloween Art Contest 2017 ~ Results

The results of our Halloween art contest is here! Through a public voting period, 3 winning entries and 5 runner-up entries were selected.

The 3 winning entries will receive special tags on our wiki and special rolesets on our Discord.

Thanks to all 20 of those who submitted art for our contest! Go to Project:Halloween Art Contest/2017 to see all the entries that were submitted.

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The JoTS The JoTS 29 October 2017

Halloween Art Contest 2017 ~ Voting

Voting has now begun for our inaugural Halloween art contest! You can read more about our contest so far on our Discussions post.

Voting ends on October 31st at around 12:00pm CDT.

Voting for this year's Halloween art contest has concluded!
You will need a wiki account to vote(why?). You can sign up for an account here.

To vote, get the letters that represents each of your five most favorite entries and [}}# submit your vote on this form].

Your vote is not posted publicly on the wiki and will be kept confidential. Only one vote per account is allowed– votes after your first vote will not be considered.

Concerning holding the vote on the wiki...
Voting is held on the wiki under unique user accounts as to lessen the impact of anonymous voters submitti…

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Gemmaniac Gemmaniac 28 October 2017

2nd Bonus Episode

So seeing how "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" already with it was a Halloween Special, and that being one of the 2 "bonus episodes" as stated by how theyre supposed to air this fall as said by the crew. Does this mean that the second bonus episode will be a Christmas Special? If so, then it'll be one of the best Christmas gifts any Camp Camp fan could ever ask for!

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The JoTS The JoTS 4 October 2017

"Night of the Living Ill" premieres this Friday!

The first of the two bonus episodes, "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL," will premiere this Friday, October 6, 2017 at 12:00pm CDT[1] to Rooster Teeth FIRST members and will release to the public 24 hours later on the following Saturday. [2]

  • "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL" on the wiki.
  • Episode link on!
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The JoTS The JoTS 10 September 2017

User rights request process

This process is no longer needed to request user rights. You may request user rights by contacting a wiki bureaucrat.

This wiki cannot rely on a single administrator running it indefinitely. Recently, this wiki's upper administration was halved due to several unfortunate events and diverging ideals; thus, has been reduced back to a single administrator.

Although this wiki is still quite small and has only just turned a year old, it must wean off of having its founding administrator running it. This wiki is getting too much traffic to have only one person invested in the wiki's "behind the scenes." This wiki will require more attention as it grows– whether it'd be only to have more eyes examining edits, or to have people parsing through our fi…

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Cuckservative Cuckservative 10 September 2017

Give dolph more screentime pleaseee!!!!!

Please for the love of god give dolph more screentime

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The JoTS The JoTS 25 August 2017

Finale? Not so fast! 2 more eps!

The Season 2 finale has just released to Rooster Teeth FIRST subscribers. But it's not the end of Camp Camp, yet! There are at least 2 more episodes that will release this upcoming Fall, as was revealed at RTX 2017.

Stay tuned!

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Vriedi Cierus Vriedi Cierus 20 July 2017

whys ther so much vandalism lately?

all in title

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The JoTS The JoTS 3 July 2017

Camp Camp Panel Panel @RTX Austin 2017

The "Camp Camp Panel Panel" returns for a second year at Rooster Teeth's annual RTX Austin convention!

The panel will occur on this upcoming Friday, July 7th at 12:00pm CDT (17:00 UTC). This post will be updated with a stream link as it becomes available. You can join us for live discussion of the panel at our Discord.

UPDATE: The panel will be streamed at The panel has ended! Enjoy the rest of RTX! A recap follows:

  • Platypus merchandise is incoming!
  • 12 episodes for Season 2, just as much as Season 1 had.
  • Season 2's finale (S2E12) will be double length at 22 minutes.
  • There will be two more bonus episodes after the Season 2 finale! They will premiere in the fall.
  • It has been double confirmed (originally mentioned in a Camp…
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Camp Camp Camp Camp 17 September 2016

Season One over, Hiatus has begun.

Hello Camp Campers, I'm Tyler... I don't make announcements or blogposts. This is my first one c:

So, Camp Camp Season One is over we're all aware of it. It was definitely a good finale, can't wait for season two.

But it comes a time where we face a very long hiatus inbetween every season of a show we like...

Red vs Blue, RWBY, X-Ray and Vav, and that incredibly long hiatus for The Strangerhood.

But we can use this hiatus as an advantage, we can work on every single detail from season one and put it on the wiki before season two happens... IF it happens. But it's bound to happen because of the positive reception it got.

So I'm encouraging all of you to do your best to edit the wiki to look it's best, I'll do the vectors in my spare time, and Jo…

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The JoTS The JoTS 12 July 2016

The Camp Camp Recap – Week 3.5

This blog may be a bit late, but–

In the span of nearly a month, we have amassed 60 articles, and managed to get 9 "active" editors (editors who have edited at least once in the last 30 days, according to Wikia's algorithim). Still quite the accomplishment considering our major sources of activity come from within Wikia.

Our Twitter has been "revamped", and we will be posting little Camp Camp trivia throughout this off week.

And later this week on Thursday, we can catch Elizabeth Maxwell (the voice actress of Nikki) on AfterBuzz's Camp Camp Aftershow.

Although an episode won't release this week, it's still a good week for us campers.

It may be a short update this time 'round, but otherwise I would just end up ranting about us improving our SEO …

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The JoTS The JoTS 1 July 2016

Camp Camp RTX News & More — Week 2

As I type this, I am only minutes away from RTX.

—Slaving over this computer at home typing this and watching the nice "live slideshows" that are the RTX streams (no audio). At least it's free. :P

As I consider possibly buying a ticket for RTX Day 2 or 3 (see "watching the panel with audio"), here's a little recap of the news from the Camp Camp portion of RTX (thus far):

  • 2 more years episodes! In an apparently "unprecedented" move for the Rooster Teeth animation department, 2 more episodes atop of the original 10 episodes have been ordered for this season due to the "overwhelming response" the series is getting. Good job us!
  • "The Camp Camp Rap Rap" by will be released in its full entirety on iTunes... soon.
  • Camp Camp has been confirmed to be an episo…
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The JoTS The JoTS 25 June 2016

Week 1 at camp!

It's been one week(.) since this wiki has started, and I just finished watching episode 3 of Camp Camp.

...And I have already learned so much from the series and this fandom–

  1. I have come to the realization that I will have to redo the automatic categorization in Infobox character, remake Navbox characters, and recode List/custom, all due to that 3rd episode.
  2. The Camp Campbell salute is sexual. Apparently.

Other than that though, this wiki has progressed a lot during this first week. We have:

  • Created 44 pages– not even including the ones that will now have to be created for episode 3.
  • A total of 7 unique editors
    • 4 registered editors
    • 2 anons
    • ...myself
  • Created some decently "powerful" infobox templates.
  • Established a pretty decent lookin' wiki-wordmark an…

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