Long live the colonel, assholes!

—"Foreign Exchange Campers"

Brian is an international spy from Kentucky who made his debut alongside the rest of the foreign exchange Camp Campbell campers in "Foreign Exchange Campers".


Brian is an Asian-American boy with pale skin, mid-length black hair, and brown eyes. He wears a white T-shirt with a red collar, hems, and stripe across the chest, as well as brown cargo shorts and white shoes with red laces.


Brian initially appears to be an ordinary American boy who is annoyed by stereotypes of his Asian heritage. However, this is later shown to be a fabricated personality, as he reveals himself to be a stereotypical Southerner with a thick Kentucky accent, a surly personality, and a passion for raising horses and eating fried chicken. He is also deeply devoted to an authority figure called "The Colonel".


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  • Although Brian's nationality isn't stated, it can be assumed that he is of Korean descent as the nickname Nurf gives him, "Kimchi", is an ethnic slur for Korean people.
  • The "Colonel" Brian mentions is possibly a reference to Colonel Sanders, the founder and mascot of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).


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