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There's no greater crime than faking a moon landing!

— "Parents' Day"

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  • Buzz Aldrin is Space Kid's uncle, as revealed in the episode "Parents' Day". He had attended the camp event instead of the boy's parents as, according to Space Kid, "they couldn't make it."

    Appearance []

    Buzz Aldrin has white hair and is visibly balding in the front. Gray eyebrows , wrinkles on his face and a long nose. He wears a pale blue space-themed polo shirt underneath a medium blue jacket with a black collar and cuffs, adorned with a symbol that says "MOON" resembling the NASA logo. He also sports long dark grey jeans and grey laced shoes.


    Buzz Aldrin is supportive of his nephew's desires of going to space some day, and will do anything to help and save him when in peril. The two are likely pretty close, as Space Kid shows great admiration for him. He becomes suspicious after he spots David and Gwen as they were the people who photoshopped the video of him on the moon with Space Kid's face onto it, which he had seen after the events of "Space Camp Was a Hoax". He also shows to not be afraid to fight anybody as he swiftly socks David on the face after Max tells him that David helped in editing the video. Though he admits that he would never hit a woman (in this case, Gwen) even if she helped in the photoshop work. According to him, there is no greater crime than faking a moon landing.


    • He is modeled after the actual real-life astronaut Buzz Aldrin.
    • It can be inferred that Buzz Aldrin being an actual astronaut is partially responsible for Space Kid's eagerness to become an astronaut himself (in addition to Space Kid's great-grandfather, Neil Armstrong, being one as well).


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