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  • Cameron Junior[1] "CJ" Campbell is a counselor alongside David at Camp Campbell starting in season 5. He is presumably a replacement for Gwen, who left at the end of the previous summer.


    CJ is extremely tall with a generally thin build, except for his hairy barrel chest, and arms that have some muscular definition. He has black slick-backed hair, thick eyebrows, defined sideburns, and a soul-patch on his chin. He has bright blue eyes and tanned skin. He wears mustard-colored pants with the legs partially rolled up, a dark brown buckle belt, red shoes with a pink sole, a gold chain around his neck, and a camp counselor tee that has been modified into a tank-top with a plunging v-cut neckline.

    He has some physical similarities to his father, Cameron Campbell, such as the definition of his arms & hairy chest, as well as the same eye color.


    CJ introduces himself to the campers as a "free thinker" and "AMYMMA fighter", who deeply opposes using sunscreen, collecting information from private citizens, and vaccines (to Neil's horror). On a surface level, he seems genuinely clueless, self-absorbed, and uneducated about some important aspects of the world. In truth, CJ can be particularly perceptive when he chooses to, which is something that Max particularly finds likeable about him. His candor is refreshing to the other campers as well, to whom he vowed to always give a heads-up when he is going to financially exploit them. Upon providing some effective counselling to Max, it is quickly revealed that CJ was high on CBD-infused eyedrops and didn't have a clue what he'd said. It's entirely possible that his profundity is at its peak when he is under the influence, although that remains to be seen.

    He is also a surprisingly cutthroat businessman, as he was able to steal a tech startup company from his father and sell it for a tidy profit. He then took the funds to purchase interest in this very same failing camp (Camp Campbell) that was also lost, and has vowed to make it better - something that Max easily picked up on.

    Thusfar, CJ (short for "Cameron Junior") has proven himself to be vastly different than Cameron Campbell in his approach of looking after the camp (the former being rather hands-on while the other was thoroughly hands-off). However, they do share some similarities, such as having a penchant for financially exploiting people and peddling dubious pills/supplements to others.


    • CJ doesn't wear sunscreen, as he believes it's full of chemicals.
      • Though he does use eyedrops of CBD-infused lizard sweat.
      • He is also an anti-vaxxer, to which Neil is appalled.
    • Interestingly, he shills supplements that (apparently) moisten the skin, stimulate libido and hair growth. Whether he takes them himself is unknown.
    • His phone case is emblazoned with "5G is for chumps".
    • He has helped someone build cars that can hit pedestrians harder, according to an off-screen story he told in "Cloak & Hunt".
    • He reads sigma grindset literature.
    • CJ states he majored in women's studies at "Campbell Community College For Male Superiority", and imparts some of this knowledge on Quartermaster, who seems genuinely intrigued.
    • Although it is confirmed that CJ is Cameron Campbell's son, his age and biological mother are currently unknown.


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