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Dolph Houston is an Art Camp camper of Camp Campbell who is designed after the infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler. He speaks with a German accent and is the shortest camper at Camp Campbell. His accent is due to him being raised on a German army Base according to his [... (more...)


The JoTS The JoTS 6 March 2021

Where is Season 5?

This blog post made belatedly here on the wiki was made to help publicize series news, and to deter misinformation and rumors being published here or elsewhere. Please refer to official sources for latest updates.

Many community members on the wiki and elsewhere have asked where Camp Camp Season 5 is ever since Season 4 concluded in 2019. To address this question and mitiga…

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Kim1986 Kim1986 24 January

Remember When I Wanted the Parents to Make a Comeback in Season 5?

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Kim1986 Kim1986 1 August 2021

Hey, I Was Just Wondering...

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Kim1986 Kim1986 8 July 2021

I Had This Dream

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