Camp Camp Wiki
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— Wiki Management —

Camp Committee

The Camp Committee consists of the wiki's bureaucrats. Included in this is the Scoutmaster, the wiki's founder who was automatically issued administrator and bureaucrat rights upon the Camp Camp Wiki's creation.


The Counselors, otherwise referred to as the wiki's administrators, help maintain and supervise the wiki's content and the community around it.

— Content Maintainers —


The Quartermasters, otherwise referred to as the wiki's content moderators, maintain the wiki's content articles to our spec and help to organize the wiki, including files and categories.

Bus Drivers

Bus Drivers have the ability to "turn the bus around", or otherwise rollback inappropriate or non-constructive edits on the wiki with a single click.

— Community Moderation —

Cult Leaders

Cult Leaders lead the wiki's community to their demise by moderating the wiki's comments, forums, and Discord to quell unruly or inappropriate content.


Mages (working title) are the wiki's chat moderators. On the wiki itself, this is merely a nominal title– they help moderate our Discord by removing inappropriate content and muting any agitators.

— Other —

FANDOM User groups

FANDOM has some global user groups that cover all wikis. Among these is the VSTF, please contact one of those individuals if a counselor is not currently present on the wiki and vandalism is apparent.


Retired members of our staff. They either voluntarily relinquished their position, or were removed from their position due to inactivity, etc.