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Campe Diem

—Camp Campbell motto

Camp Campbell is the main setting of Camp Camp. It was founded by Cameron Campbell. It is an assortment of camps within a camp, a literal "camp camp". It is located on the edge of Lake Lilac, near Sleepy Peak.

Its motto, Campe Diem, is a play on the Latin aphorism Carpe Diem (commonly interpreted as "seize the day").


Camp Campbell is located a few hours outside of the nearest city. The entrance is on a left turn from a small freeway. A wide, long dirt road leads to the Mess Hall which branches off towards the other areas of camp. A right turn from the Mess Hall leads to the campers tents, which then leads to the Counselors Cabins. To the upper right of the Mess Hall, a short path leads to Camp Campbells docks, on the shore of Lake Lilac. To the upper left, Camp Campbells Amphitheatre sits at the end of a smaller, much longer path. The last notable location of Camp Campbell is a left turn from the Mess Hall, which leads to the Activities Field.

Camp Campbell as seen on a Wood Scout map in S3E10: Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot


As seen in a "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!", Camp Campbell was established years ago. When David, a current camp counselor, was a child, he attended the camp during its heyday along with fellow camper, Jasper. Cameron Campbell later converted it into an assortment of camps within a camp in order to draw new members after declining membership.

In the episode "Jasper Dies at the End", Campbell states that he won the lot to the camp in a "fair game of charades".

Sometime later, David becomes a counselor at the camp, declaring he wants others to experience the same joy he had when he was a camper during his youth.


Camps named so far:



The current campers. L-R: Ered, Space Kid, Harrison, Max, Nikki, Neil, Preston, Nerris, Nurf and Dolph.

Main Campers

Other Campers

Additional campers are also occasionally seen or mentioned. Only one has been named so far.

Former Campers


The Camp Campbell salute.

  • The camp provides pamphlets advertising camps such as "Science" and "Adventure" but, in the fine print, the camp says it includes "and more", to prevent unhappy campers from suing.
  • The official Camp Campbell salute is "The Shocker."
  • Most of the campers have at least one yellow article of clothing, mostly shirts, with the exception of Dolph.
  • The campers (with the exception of Max) have dubbed themselves the "Camp Campbell Pussies" after the Platypus mascot as of the episode "Mascot", much to David's chagrin.
  • Cameron Campbell uses the camp mostly as a hideout from the government and a place to stash his treasures.
  • The camp doesn't have much income, due to the large scale its forced to operate.
    • Which results to the staff and campers using the same toothbrush that they used to clean the place as the same toothbrush they use to brush their teeth.
    • The camp having to find "in budget" props for Scotty's Visual Comedy Camp.
    • And finally, sub-par indoor plumbing, which apparently only their camp has.
  • In "Reigny Day", despite only a brief stint as "Camp Counselor for the Day", Dolph won the Camp Counselor of the Year Award, much to David's dismay.
  • The camp has "sub-par indoor plumbing" according to Ered and confirmed by Gwen in the episode "Camporee", which, apparently, the other camps don't have.
  • Due to the Cameron Campbell having a very adventurous (and often morally questionable) life, the camp and Campbell's nearby abandoned summer home house a number of unique items, which include:
    • Nazi Gold
    • Ancient Treasure
    • A large amount of cash
    • 1 Kilo of some type of recreational drug
    • A box of live Grenades made in the Cold War
    • Several inactive Artificial Intelligence
    • A hostile carnivorous platypus
    • A ghost
    • 2 stuffed bears
    • Several mutant creatures
    • A scheming population of squirrels
    • Numerous torture devices
    • An elixir of life
  • In "Gwen Gets a Job," David confirms that they do "high stress and low budget work for practically no pay", confirming that the staff members of Camp Campbell are underpaid.