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For the other camps situated in Lake Lilac, see Camps.
โ€œ Campe Diem โ€

—Camp Campbell motto

Camp Campbell is the main setting of Camp Camp. It was founded by Cameron Campbell. It is an assortment of camps within a camp, a literal "camp camp". It is located on the edge of Lake Lilac, near Sleepy Peak.

Its motto, Campe Diem, is a play on the Latin aphorism Carpe Diem (commonly interpreted as "seize the day").


Camp Campbell is located a few hours outside of the nearest city. The entrance is on a left turn from a small freeway. A wide, long dirt road leads to the Mess Hall which branches off towards the other areas of camp. A right turn from the Mess Hall leads to the campers tents, which then leads to the Counselors Cabins. To the upper right of the Mess Hall, a short path leads to Camp Campbells docks, on the shore of Lake Lilac. To the upper left, Camp Campbells Amphitheatre sits at the end of a smaller, much longer path. The last notable location of Camp Campbell is a left turn from the Mess Hall, which leads to the Activities Field.

Camp map 3 10 2

Camp Campbell as seen on a Wood Scout map in S3E10: Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot


As seen in a "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!", Camp Campbell was established years ago. When David, a current camp counselor, was a child, he attended the camp during its heyday along with fellow camper, Jasper. Cameron Campbell later converted it into an assortment of camps within a camp in order to draw new members after declining membership.

In the episode "Jasper Dies at the End", Campbell states that he won the lot to the camp in a "fair game of charades".

Sometime later, David becomes a counselor at the camp, declaring he wants others to experience the same joy he had when he was a camper during his youth.


Camps named so far:



Camper Circle

The current campers. L-R: Ered, Space Kid, Harrison, Max, Nikki, Neil, Preston, Nerris, Nurf and Dolph.

Main Campers[]

Other Campers[]

Additional campers are also occasionally seen or mentioned. Only one has been named so far.

Former Campers[]




The Camp Campbell salute.

  • The camp provides pamphlets advertising camps such as "Science" and "Adventure" but, in the fine print, the camp says it includes "and more", to prevent unhappy campers from suing.
  • The official Camp Campbell salute is "The Shocker."
  • Most of the campers have at least one yellow article of clothing, mostly shirts, with the exception of Dolph.
  • The campers (with the exception of Max) have dubbed themselves the "Camp Campbell Pussies" after the Platypus mascot as of the episode "Mascot", much to David's chagrin.
  • Cameron Campbell uses the camp mostly as a hideout from the government and a place to stash his treasures.
  • The camp doesn't have much income, due to the large scale its forced to operate.
    • Which results to the staff and campers using the same toothbrush that they used to clean the place as the same toothbrush they use to brush their teeth.
    • The camp having to find "in budget" props for Scotty's Visual Comedy Camp.
    • And finally, sub-par indoor plumbing, which apparently only their camp has.
  • In "Reigny Day", despite only a brief stint as "Camp Counselor for the Day", Dolph won the Camp Counselor of the Year Award, much to David's dismay.
  • The camp has "sub-par indoor plumbing" according to Ered and confirmed by Gwen in the episode "Camporee", which, apparently, the other camps don't have.
  • Due to the Cameron Campbell having a very adventurous (and often morally questionable) life, the camp and Campbell's nearby abandoned summer home house a number of unique items, which include:
    • Nazi Gold
    • Ancient Treasure
    • A large amount of cash
    • 1 Kilo of some type of recreational drug
    • A box of live Grenades made in the Cold War
    • Several inactive Artificial Intelligence
    • A hostile carnivorous platypus
    • A ghost
    • 2 stuffed bears
    • Several mutant creatures
    • A scheming population of squirrels
    • Numerous torture devices
    • An elixir of life
  • In "Gwen Gets a Job," David confirms that they do "high stress and low budget work for practically no pay", confirming that the staff members of Camp Campbell are underpaid.