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"Camp Campbell Wants YOU!" is the first non-trailer media released for Camp Camp.

It is unknown where this media sits chronologically in the series, other than it possibly being set after the first actual episode of Camp Camp, "Escape from Camp Campbell".


“ Max, Neil, Nikki, and David watch the latest Camp Campbell advert on public-access television. The advertisement describes all the different activities and camps of Camp Campbell, as described by Cameron Campbell. ”

Episode Description


Major Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]



  • TBA


  • Quartermaster had apparently been working for Campbell way back when David and Jasper were attending the camp.
  • Despite some parts of the video being recorded back when David and Jasper were attending the camp, the Quartermaster doesn't look like he has gotten any younger, hinting that he might be immortal.
  • When David was younger, he was small enough to be able to fit on the palm of Campbell's hand.
  • Campbell's line, "Hey, save some fun for the rest of us!", is sampled in the beginning of the outro song, "Getaway", from season 01, episode 03, "Scout's Dishonor".


  • In the list of camp activities that flash across the screen, "Underwater Basket Weaving" is mentioned. This is referenced again later in "Into Town" when Gwen told David to take a load off as she'll take charge of said activity.
  • Another time where the Quartermaster's immortality is hinted is in the episode "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL", when a test tube labeled "Elixir of Immortality" is shown in the Campbell Laboratory underneath Campbell's Mansion, which Quartermaster visits often to partake in some sexual escapades ("Journey to Spooky Island" and "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL").
  • During the food fight at the beginning of "Keep the Change", Campbell can be seen sitting on his chair watching this trailer.


  • At the last scene, Jasper's eyebrows appear to be under his bangs when in fact his eyebrows always appeared in front of his bangs.


The transcript for "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!" may be edited here.
*beep* ↗️
*beep* ↗️
*beep* ↗️
[marching music] ↗️

Cameron Campbell: Fun! ↗️

Campbell: Neat! ↗️

Campbell: Adven- ↗️

Campbell (overlay): LEGITIMATE ↗️

Campbell: These are the words that could be said ↗️

to describe the thrilling adven- ↗️

Campbell (overlay): SUMMERS ↗️

- you could have at Camp Campbell! ↗️

Campbell: Hello there! My name is Cameron ↗️

Campbell, roguishly handsome entrepreneur, ↗️
world famous adventurer, and founder of Camp Campbell. ↗️

Campbell: Ask your parents about me. ↗️

Campbell: I guess you could say I've spent my years living life to the fullest, ↗️

Campbell: and it's high time I shared my adventures with the future. ↗️

Campbell: No, I'm not a time traveler. I'm of course talking about the children. ↗️

Campbell: Just like you and little Davey here. ↗️

Campbell: What do you say, sport? Are you ready to ↗️

have some fun? ↗️

Davey (reading off of script): Boy am I, Mr. Campbell! But what kind of fun did you have in mind? ↗️

Davey: How was tha- ↗️

Campbell: We've got all kinds of fun activities, from hiking to archery, and even more in between. ↗️

Campbell: Here's a short list now. ↗️

Campbell: Think it can't get any better? Think again, idiot! ↗️

Campbell: Camp Campbell is equipped with the ↗️

finest facilities, ↗️
and cutting-edge 20th century technology. ↗️
[splash and panicked yelling in the distance] ↗️

Campbell: Hey, save some fun for the rest of us! ↗️

Campbell: We've also enlisted a highly trained ↗️

staff that are kind, caring, and above all, ↗️
not threatening in the slightest. ↗️
[crash] ↗️

Quartermaster: ARGH! Get back here so I can threaten you little s- ↗️

*tone* ↗️

Campbell: And speaking of staffers, here's one now! ↗️

(voice off camera): pst, Gwen! ↗️

Gwen: Uh, yeah, I'm Gwen, hi. ↗️

Gwen (after being prodded): JESUS, WHAT- ↗️

*tone* ↗️

David: How do I look, Max? ↗️

Max (off camera): Good. ↗️

David: Framing's all right? ↗️

Max: Yeah. ↗️

David: Are you sure? ↗️

Max: David, it's good! ↗️

David: Okay, okay... ↗️

David: Howdy- ↗️

*beep* ↗️

Campbell: Yes, Camp Campbell truly has everything. All that's missing now, is you! ↗️

Campbell: So be sure to throw a tantrum until your parents sign you up for a camp-tastic summer ↗️

at Cameron Campbell's Camp Campbell summer camp! ↗️

Campbell: We'll be seeing you soon! ↗️

And remember... ↗️
Campe Diem! ↗️

David: That was perfect! ↗️

David: Gwen, did you see it?! That was on public ↗️

access! Public access! ↗️

David: Ohh, this is gonna be the best summer ever! ↗️

*sighs* ↗️

Max: This is the worst summer ever. ↗️

Campbell: Damn fine work on those edits, Davey! Really saved a boatload on reshoots. ↗️

Campbell: Hey, is it too late to add video editing camp? ↗️

Campbell: I just got an idea for a lucrative yet ↗️

morally grey way to make more commercials... ↗️


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