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  • Overview
  • The Camp Critic Committee is a trio of mysterious critics who judged Camp Campbell and its counselors for consideration for the Camp Counselor of the Year Award in the episode "Reigny Day". According to David's dialogue, they've visited the camp last year as well.


    The Camp Critic Committee dresses in dark maroon robes. Their faces are obscured so only their occasional grins are visible. They are also all of Caucasian, as their skin color is visible on their hands.


    The committee's members are silent, contemplative, and moderately ominous. They constantly scribble on their clipboards taking notes and judgment. However, when it comes time to award the Camp Counselor of the Year Award, they are seen smiling and in a congratulatory mood when gifting it to Dolph.


    • The Camp Critic Committee (CCC), could be a parody of the infamous real-life organization, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). Both organizations comprise of members who are hooded, and both organization's acronyms carry similar sounds– hard C's and K's.
      • Also they also give the award to Dolph who is modeled after Hitler and the KKK are also anti-semitic.


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