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Campbell Manor (unofficial name) is a neglected lodging that likely belonged to Cameron Campbell and is located on Spooky Island. So far, it is seen to contain a library with a secret lab belonging to Campbell Corp and a dungeon.




  • At the entrance, two stuffed bears can be seen on display on either sides. These are the same two bears that Campbell slaughtered in "Jasper Dies at the End."
  • The present appearance of the house seems more realistic than the past one.
  • The Science Lab below the mansion is shown to include a beaker of green liquid labeled "Elixir for Immortality," and a box that says "Cure for Cancer."
  • Campbell's medicine cabinet includes moustache wax, a comb, a razor, pills labeled " Y2K Lube Tube "Like it's 1999" " and Viagro pills.
  • Inside the library is a book that Campbell wrote called "The Art of the Steal" along with a map for the ins and out of the mansion.
  • Behind the mansion is a wine cellar that contains red wine, white wine, cheap wine and expensive wine, along with various unknown food and stocks and Jasper's Pog collection.