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We've got the most bizarre collection of campers with niche talents and ridiculously specific skill sets Lake Lilac has ever seen! And sub-par indoor plumbing.


"Camporee" is the 11th episode of the first season of Camp Camp and is the 11th episode overall. It aired September 2nd, 2016 on the RT FIRST site, September 3rd, 2016 on the Rooster Teeth Website, and September 9th, 2016 on YouTube.

Official Synopsis

The Campbell Campers are forced to compete in the Lake Lilac Camporee against their rival camps, The Wood Scouts and Flower Scouts. Pikeman makes a bet with Campbell. David tries to get the kids to work together.

—Episode description


The campers are waiting for breakfast, with no one apparently serving it, until they are interrupted by David loudly blowing a bugle outside. Venturing out, they find Cameron Campbell proclaiming that he's here to host the Annual Lake Lilac Camporee, with the Wood Scouts and the Flower Scouts serving as their competition.

The Camporee consists of 15 events for all 3 camps on Lake Lilac to take part in. The first five are provided by the Flower Scouts, and the next five submitted by the Wood Scouts, leaving Camp Campbell to provide the last. The grand prize for the overall highest scoring Troop is the Camporee trophy (which is essentially just a log), a year's supply of s'mores, and their picture featured on the front page of the Sleepy Peak Times metropolitan section. Just as Max and Neil are about to skip out and go roast ants with a magnifying glass instead, Pikeman approaches Campbell with a wager: if the Wood Scouts win, they get control of Camp Campbell's grounds and campers, but if Camp Campbell wins, the Wood Scouts hand over all their earnings from their yearly popcorn sales. This appeals to Campbell's crippling gambling addiction and he agrees, much to David and Gwen's horror.

The games begin, and the Flower Scout's first challenge is "a test of posture and proper walking form" - across a narrow plank with spiked balls swinging above it and a vat of bubbling green goo below. Nikki is the only one from Camp Campbell to make it over, the Wood Scouts lose Petrol after he helps Pikeman and Snake get across, and the Flower Scouts perform flawlessly and with perfect manners, taking an early lead. Both the Campbell Campers and the Wood Scouts struggle with the subsequent events of baking, gardening, scrapbooking and ribbon twirling, but David remains confident that they can win if the campers just work together. The Wood Scouts' challenges begin, with the first task being to row out to Spooky Island and back. The Wood Scouts ace it with Petrol rowing the boat alone, and the Flower Scouts are perfectly coordinated, but Camp Campbell can't even get past the dock with Nikki and Neil paddling fruitlessly. The Campbell campers then struggle harder with the rest of the second bracket, such as crawling under a sheet barbed wire, clay pigeon shooting, going over a waterfall in a barrel, and scaling a sheer cliff face, and by the end of their turn, the Wood Scouts are only just beating out the Flower Scouts. When Pikeman starts hitting on Gwen, she spurs the Campbell campers into action. Despite David's repeated insistence of working together, Gwen decides to change up the strategy. Because their teamwork skills are so poor, she points out that everyone has their own ridiculous skill sets and bizarre niche talents to exploit, so the other two camps don't stand a chance in these non-traditional events.

Neil kicks off round 1 of their bracket with the task of creating a stable batch of nitro-glycerine, which catches the other Camps off guard. The Flower Scouts manage to immediately melt their table, and the Wood Scouts blow theirs up when Snake misinterprets a snap at Petrol as a request for petrol (gasoline). Harrison tackles the next round with feats of illusion, Ered offers motorcycle repair, the next round is to destroy the One Ring of Power (ordered by Nerris, naturally), and Nikki tackles the very last event: cross-species communication. The Quartermaster releases a snarling wolf, which Nikki frightens into submission by barking loudly and quickly at it. Then with a simple command of "kill," the wolf chases both the Wood Scouts and Flower Scouts away as they flee for their lives. Camp Campbell wins the day and the entire Camporee event, and Nikki declares they've all learned a lesson today: don't ever work together. David protests repeatedly before Max butts in to tell him no one cares and the other campers go back to their usual business. Campbell, gleeful over winning $50 from the Wood Scouts, departs for Thailand again, Gwen wanders off, and David is swiftly mauled by Nikki's wolf.

Later that evening, David sits in the counselors cabin alone, nursing his wounds. With a sigh, he looks upon a cork-board covered in photos of the camp's history, Max's words echoing in his head, and he wonders why no one enjoys summer camp anymore. Just then, he looks at a photo of his own time as a camper, noticing Campbell is holding an ornate staff and wearing a sash, and the answer hits him: The Sparrow.


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  • Cameron Campbell states that the Flower Scouts introduced so far are members of troop #789. According to Edward Pikeman, he and the other members of the local Wood Scouts are members of troop #818.
  • Petrol's full name is revealed to be "Stephen van Petrol".
  • Another Nazi joke is made about Dolph when Max says, "I think I speak for all of us when I say that I don't wanna become some fascist militant peon!" and Dolph responds, "He does not speak for all of us."
  • The camp is stated to have subpar indoor plumbing by Ered, and this is later confirmed by Gwen.
  • In this episode, Nikki barks at a wolf to subdue it then make it attack the Wood Scouts and Flower Scouts, proving she is capable of cross-species communication.
    • In the season 4 episode "The Forest", David also learns to speak wolf.
  • On David's corkboard, Jasper is present in a group picture that was taken when David was a camper. There is also a picture of Larry the Hamster (before his death in Mascot) in the top-right.
    • Some other pictures include the gang hiking with David from the intro, young David and Campbell from the Camp Camp Teaser Trailer, as well as some other scenes from the trailer.
  • It is revealed that David's yellow bandanna tied around his neck is actually his old Camp Campbell shirt from the time when he was a camper.

Cultural References

  • At the start of the episode, David plays the well-known bugle call "Charge" to gather the Camp Campbell kids outside.
  • When Petrol falls into the liquid after failing the first challenge, Edward tells him his sacrifice will not be in vain, and he gives a thumbs-up as he sinks. This is a reference to the iconic moment at the end of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", in which the Terminator does the same as it is being destroyed in a vat of molten steel.
    • Their second challenge appears to be to bake chocolate chip cookies in an EZ-Bake Oven.
    • The third is to grow flowers, the fourth seems to involve creating valentines or scrapbooks of some sort, and the fifth is ribbon-twirling.
  • Meanwhile, the Wood Scouts' third challenge is skeet shooting.
  • The Camp Campbell campers' first challenge is to create a stable batch of nitroglycerin. When Edward asks Petrol to hand him oxygen, Petrol gives him carbon dioxide instead. Edward begins to chide Petrol, but Billy Nikssilp thinks Edward is asking for gasoline (also known as petrol) and causes an explosion.
  • In the final scene with David sitting in the counselors cabin, a book titled "Ninjas of Love" can be seen on the shelf behind him. The exact same book exists within the RT series RWBY.


  • Cameron Campbell mentions early in the episode that he has diplomatic immunity, and says after Camp Campbell wins the Camporee that he has to get back to Thailand. These are both references to the episode "Camp Cool Kidz", in which Campbell mentions that if he wins a poker game, he could end up being the Prime Minister of Thailand. This is referenced again in "Eggs Benefits".
  • Neil tells the counselors that they should have just posted flyers around for them to know about current events, this is referenced again in "Parents' Day" when Gwen and David actually did post flyers but still, nobody knew what was going on.
  • Pikeman wanting to bet for new recruits is referenced again later in the events of "Jermy Fartz".
  • Pikeman mentions the Wood Scouts' popcorn sale in this episode, and they are later seen preparing for it in "Gwen Gets a Job". The sale is then subsequently revealed to have gone poorly in "Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot".
  • The three "unbiased" judges of the Lake Lilac Camporee are apparently Geezer #2, Lester, and the barkeep, who were all first shown in the episode "Into Town".
  • Pikeman is revealed to have a crush on Gwen, as shown when he stated that once she joined the Wood Scouts, the only man that she'd have to deal with in her life was him, as he puts a hand on her hip.
    • Although Pikeman had called her Gwendolyn in this episode, this was not confirmed to be her full name until the season 4 episode "Party Pooper".
    • His crush was shown again in "Gwen Gets a Job" after he assumed that she went all the way to their camp just to see him.
  • In "Cult Camp" there's an ad on the newspaper looking for a missing wolf. This is referencing the wolf that Quartermaster released this episode in order for Nikki to complete the cross-species communication round. After the wolf chased away the other two camps and mauled David, it was never seen again.
  • The way Nikki says "Lemme get at them boats" is referenced again when she says "Lemme get at them keys" in "NIGHT OF THE LIVING ILL".
  • This is the first episode to showcase David being mauled by a wolf. The second time was in "The Forest".
  • The events near the end of this episode lead directly into the events of the next episode, "The Order of the Sparrow".


  • In the scene where David asks the campers to work together the first time, the other camps have disappeared from their usual locations, with Science Camp and Hiking Camp being the only ones left.
  • Preston and Nurf disappear for the rest of the episode after the breakfast scene.
  • David's #1 Counselor mug is pink when it was originally white in every other episode.
  • The handle of the Counselor Cabin door is seen on the left when it was originally on the right.
  • The trio is shown not to have knowledge on how to row a boat, albeit them being able to sail to Spooky Island with ease in the episode "Journey to Spooky Island".
  • The Quartermaster disappears after Sasha corrects Campbell after he calls her "Little Sally".
  • Dolph disappears before the Flower Scouts present to them their first trial.
  • After the Flower Scouts reveal their first trial, everyone is sent to a state of shock. During this scene, David's legs appear to be missing from his body.


The transcript for "Camporee" may be edited here.
Max: Coffee! Black! Now! Huh?  

Nikki: Morning, Max!  

Max: What the hell is going on?  

Neil: We're in line for breakfast!  

Max: Is anyone serving breakfast?  

Nikki: Doesn't seem so...  

Max: And no one thought to question anything?  

Neil: Look, man, I'm a sheep. I don't ask questions.  

*trumpet tune*  

Cameron: Good morning, children! Guess who's got two thumbs, diplomatic immunity and is here to host the annual Lake Lilac CAMPOREE! This guy!  

Nikki: So do we get breakfast or-  

[ Opening – "Camp Camp Song Song" ]  

Cameron: The Lake Lilac Camporee is today! And that means you little rascals will be competing in a series of fifteen events! All of which will be submitted by the participating summer camps. The first five will be brought to us by Flower Scout Troop 789! The next five submitted by our neighbors The Wood Scouts! And the last five presented by my very own Camp Campbell campers!  

Max: David, what the hell?! No one told us about this!  

Gwen: We've literally been telling you about it every day for weeks.  

Neil: Yeah, but we never listen to you guys! Put up flyers or something.  

Sasha: So, like, what do we get if we win?  

Cameron: Great question, little Sally!  

Sasha: Sasha.  

Cameron: Whatever. We brought in a panel of 3 unbiased judges, all of whom are more than qualified to score your performances.  

David: The troop with the highest score at the end of the day will go home with the coveted Camporee trophy, a year's supply of s'mores, and have their picture featured on the front page of the Sleepy Peak Times metropolitan section!  

Max: Well, don't care about that shit.  

Neil: You wanna throw this whole thing and roast ants with a magnifying glass?  

Max: *sigh* That's what I like about you, Neil. You get me.  

Pikeman: *clearing voice* Excuse me, Mr. Campbell. Might I suggest we raise the stakes?  

Cameron: Pikeman! What do you have in mind, sport?  

Pikeman: If Troop 818 wins this year's Camporee, Camp Campbell will surrender its grounds and campers to the Wood Scouts.  

David: Well that is ridic-  

Cameron: Hmm, and what if we win?  

Gwen: Sir, you can't possibly-  

Pikeman: We hand over all earnings from our yearly popcorn sales.  

Cameron: Darn it, Eddy, you KNOW I've got a crippling gambling addiction! So of course we accept!  

David & Gwen: What?!  

Cameron: Let's Campe Diem!  

*excited trumpets*  

David: Alright, gang. We don't want to end up with the Wood Scouts at the end of the day, so I need you all to work together. It's the only chance we have at winning this thing.  

Max: It's a bunch of prissy little girls, how bad can their challenge be?  

Flower Scout: Um, excuse me.  

Sasha: The Flower Scouts' first challenge will be a test of posture and proper walking form.  

Max: Precious.  

Sasha: We'll start with the beginner's course. As a show of good faith.  

David: Umm-  

*starting bell*  

Space Kid: AAH!  


Max: Huh!  


Max: AAAH!  

Nikki: Whoa! Whoa! *panting*  

Old man: *cough*  

Gwen: Well, it's not like the others can do any better.  

*starting bell*  

Billy: *grunts*  

Pikeman: *smug laughter*  

Petrol: *grunt* AAAH!  

Pikeman: Your sacrifice will not be in vain! Stephen van Petrol!  

*starting bell*  

Erin: Excuse me.  

Sasha: Pardon me.  

Tabii: Excuse me. Thank you.  

*papers flipping*  

Cameron: And that's the end of round one!  

Gwen: Well, it's not like they can win every other challenge.  

*papers flipping*  

Cameron: And that's the end of round five! Let's pick up the pace, campers! I want me some popcorn money!  

Pikeman: And I want to see you all in Wood Scout uniforms.  

Max: Yo! David! I think I speak for all of us when I say that I don't wanna become some fascist militant peon!  

Dolph: He does not speak for all of us.  

Max: So what's the plan?  

David: Look kids, I'm telling you! If you just work together and really start trusting one another, you can accomplish anything!  

Nikki: BOO! Give us actual advice!  

Pikeman: Advice can't save you now, Campbell campers. Now begins the Wood Scouts' march to glory!  

*glory trumpets*  

Pikeman: Maneuvering the treacherous waters of the wilderness is an integral part of survival. Therefore, your first challenge is to row out to Spooky Island and back.  

Erin: Ooh, that's a great cardio.  

Tabii: And low impact.  

David: Uh, do we have anyone here for rowing camp?  

Nikki: I can do it! Let me get at them boats!  


Quartermaster: Go.  

Petrol: *grunts*  

Pikeman: *high-pitched really evil laughter*  

Sasha: Stroke! Stroke! Stroke!  

Nikki: Uh, uh, okay, no... Wait! Wait... Wait... Wait... Okay! No, wait...  

*papers flipping*  

Gwen: Well, it's not like they can win every other-  



David: Uh, nothing to worry about! We just, you know, gotta believe in ourselves!  

Gwen: Nope. We're boned.  

Pikeman: Fear not, sweet Gwendolyn. Once you work for the Wood Scouts, the only man you'll have to deal with in your life is me. Mmmmmmm...  

Gwen: Oh, Jesus Christ! Campers, we are winning that fucking trophy!  

Neil: How the hell do we do that?!  

David: By overcoming our differences and working toge-  

Gwen: NO! Shut up. You are not going to work together.  

Harrison: We're not?  

Gwen: No! You're all terrible at it! But we've got something they don't.  

Ered: Sub-par indoor plumbing?  

Gwen: We've got the most bizarre collection of campers with niche talents and ridiculously specific skill sets Lake Lilac has ever seen! And sub-per indoor plumbing.  

Campers: *cheering*  

*excited trumpets*  

Sasha: Uh, what is this?  

Neil: Round eleven. Create a stable batch of nitroglycerin.  

Pikeman: Wait, what-  


Pikeman: ACK!  

Quartermaster: Start sciencing.  

Sasha: Umm... Okay... It's just like baking, ladies.  


Flower Scouts: *gasp*  


Pikeman: Nitrogen. Oxygen. No! Petrol! Wait, WAIT!  


Neil: Done!  

*papers flipping*  

Harrison: Round twelve. Illusion.  

*start bell*  

Platypus: *growling*  

Flower Scouts: AAH!  

*papers flipping*  
*starting bell*  

Ered: Motorcycle repair.  

*papers flipping*  
*starting bell*  

Nerris: Destroy the One Ring of Power!  

*papers flipping*  
*starting bell*  

Nikki: Round fifteen. Cross-species communication.  

Pikeman: But... that's impossible!  


Wolf: *growling*  

Nikki: *barks*  

Wolf: *whimpering*  

Nikki: Kill.  

Wolf: *growling and barking*  

Flower and Wood Scouts: AAAAAH!  

Wolf: *growling*  

*papers flipping*  

Cameron: Camp Campbell wins!  

Campers: *cheering*  

Nerris: Hundred XP for everyone!  

David: Well, I think we all learned a valuable lesson today.  

Nikki: Don't ever work together!  

David: Uh, no!  

Neil: Yeah! Things really seemed to turn around when we each just did our own thing!  

David: But guys, that's a really narrow-minded way of looking at things-  

Max: David, no one cares!  


Cameron: Great work today, counselors! Thanks to you I made fifty dollars! Well, back to Thailand! Apparently they need running water! I don't get it, you guys are doing fine!  

Gwen: I hate this place.  

Wolf: *growling*  

David: *screaming* Down! Down! Down, boy! Nice dog!  

Max: *echoing* David, no one cares!  

David: *sigh* I just don't get it. I loved summer camp as a kid. What changed? *gasp* That's it! The Sparrow...  

*excited trumpets*  


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