Camp Camp Wiki

The Camps are what takes up most of Lake Lilac. With each campground being situated somewhere near the lake.


Lake Lilac is famous for its various campgrounds wherein parents can sign up their children to attend during the summer.


Camp Founders

Camp Founders are also in charge of their respective camps. Although the founders of the camps at Lake Lilac are usually nowhere to be seen, the campers in which they designated to be in charge of the place usually takes over during their absence.

The known camp founders/ camp heads so far are:

The known designated campers for each camp so far are:

  • Max as the head of the Camp Campbell campers (self-proclaimed/unofficial)
  • Sasha as the head of Flower Scout Troop #789
  • Edward Pikeman as the Cedar Scout / head of the Wood Scouts Troop #818


  • Camp Campbell is the only camp which consists of a handful of other (made up) camps combined together. With each camp having its own brochure in order to trick future campers and their parents into signing up.
  • The Wood Scouts' camp is the only camp so far to have the least amount of members due to the lack of enrollment and its harsh military practices.
  • The Flower Scouts' camp is arguably the most functional camp out of the three. With its camp including badges that also double as a Wi-Fi Hot Spot to be given to its members, as well as air-conditioning and well-developed buildings.