So, Carl! I heard that you're some sorta...big shot professor. I love a man with money...intelligence!

— Candy, "Parents' Day"

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Candy is Nikki's negligent mother who was first mentioned in "Escape from Camp Campbell" and made her official debut in "Parents' Day." She is a very conceited woman and can be labeled as a gold digger after quickly engaging in sexual acts with Carl upon finding out about his wealth.


Candy has turquoise hair that she ties in a short braid. She wears a white, form-fitting crop-top, low-rise pink capris, a yellow thong, and yellow platform flip-flops. Her lips are thick and painted with hot-pink lipstick. She is also almost always shown holding her phone, which has a popsocket.


Candy is a very selfish woman who seems pretty disinterested in what goes on in her daughter's life. When Nikki explains that she was run out of the Flower Scouts, the camp she was initially signed up for, she tells her mother that the experience was traumatic, to which Candy responds, "Oh sweetheart, you know I can't keep up with all your silly little adventures."

Aside from being cold and narcissistic, Candy also comes off as promiscuous. She immediately takes to flirting with Neil's dad, Carl, and even has sex with him (and, showing no interested in commitment, gave him the number of a sandwich shop instead of her own afterward.) Her interest in Carl only begins after he mentions that he has health insurance, prompting her to say, "That makes one of us." Ultimately, it's fair to say that Candy isn't interested in any kind of relationship beyond what they can get for her.





  • After Candy and Carl finish having sex on stage, she says, "You might want to get tested for Quartersister." which is a reference to "Quartermaster Appreciation Day" when Quartersister says they named an STD after her.
  • It has been implied that Candy and Nikki's father have split up multiple times.
  • Nikki mentions that her mother has a penchant for lying in the episode "Escape from Camp Campbell".
  • Similar to how she and Carl's kids have similar initials, she and Carl also share the same initials.


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