Oh boy! Well if I'm gonna do that, I'm gonna need my teaching assistant! Sock-rates!

— Carl, "Parents' Day"

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Carl is Neil's father who was first mentioned in "Scout's Dishonor." He made his official debut in "Parents' Day." He is shown to be a Professor of Philosophy and holds seminars with his sock puppet that he modeled after Socrates, named Sock-rates.


Similarly to his son, he has chestnut-brown curly hair, visibly balding. He sports the same yellow, short-sleeved turtleneck and dark red jeans as well. He wears frameless reading glasses, a black wristwatch, and brown sandals.


Carl is shown to be enthusiastic and supportive of his son's wishes. Although he wishes to bond with his son, he's not really sure how to, thinking that dressing up like him and bringing up Sock-rates was the trick to doing so. He also doesn't seem to be phased by the fact that Camp Camp wasn't a Science camp like what Neil intended on signing up for, possibly due to his ignorance. He is apparently a huge embarrassment to Neil, and his son hates Carl’s chosen job. He is also shown to be gullible since he never got the hint that Candy was a gold digger and just went with it all.





Neil's mother


  • After having sex on stage, Candy suggests Carl should get tested for "Quartersister" a reference to "Quartermaster Appreciation Day" where it is stated that an STD was named directly after her.
  • He is revealed to be a Professor of Philosophy.
  • He has a sock puppet modeled after Socrates named Sock-rates which he holds seminars with.
    • And somehow used it as a condom when he was having sex with Candy.
  • He also appears to have life insurance, much to Candy's interest.
  • Similar to how he and Candy's kids have similar initials, he and Candy also appear to share the same initials.


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