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  • Overview
  • Chuckie is a former Camp Campbell camper who was left severely disabled (or otherwise debilitated) as a result of a particular incident that occurred during the Camp Counselor of the Year Award session of the previous summer.


    He is first referenced during "Reigny Day". David wonders if the child's family received his apology floral bouquet, and Max later mentions he misses Chuckie, confirming the two used to be friends.

    His fate is ultimately confirmed in the season 4 episode "Camp Loser Says What?", where a skeleton is briefly seen hidden in the mess hall ceiling. It holds a spoon, having scratched "Chuckie was here" into the floorboards. How he got trapped, and how long he was in there before dying, remain unknown. Based on the fact that David mentions he had survived the previous summer's incident, physically speaking, the end result of him getting trapped in the building is not directly related to that event.


    There is no information regarding Chuckie's physical appearance while he was alive, aside from the green shirt worn by his skeleton. It may actually be yellow, as that is the color of the Camp Campbell uniform, but most likely appears green either due to decay or being trapped in a dark space.


    • Chuckie is the second camper who is confirmed to have died during a summer at Camp Campbell, the first being Jasper.
      • Despite this, the camp is still running, as Cameron Campbell covered up Jasper's death, and Chuckie is likely considered to be simply "missing" as his body has not been retrieved.
      • In S2 E10, "Space Camp Was a Hoax", Gwen yells at Max, asking him if he realizes how much paperwork she has to do for a dead camper, causing an unsettled Max to ask if she had to to that before. Although a response is never given, it's possible that Gwen had to do paperwork covering up Chuckie's death.
        • It's also possible that the camper Gwen referenced could be a third, unknown camper, as David seems confident that Chuckie survived. She could have potentially hidden this information from him, although the fact that David doesn't react to her outburst makes it seem less likely.


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