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He will regret crossing us!

—"Foreign Exchange Campers"

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  • Dang is an international spy from Thailand who made his debut alongside the rest of the foreign exchange Camp Campbell campers in "Foreign Exchange Campers".


    Dang is a boy with light brown skin, black hair in a bowl hair cut, narrow eyes with black irises, short eyebrows, and a wide nose. He has a light blue short-sleeved shirt decorated with pink flowers, which he wears tucked into tan slacks, and his footwear is a pair of sandals.


    Dang behaves like a stereotypically friendly Thai person, which masks his true nature as a crafty international spy who is willing to kill anyone who performs serious crimes against his homeland. He appears to have subpar reading skills, reading aloud and remarking on the number of dollar signs on Cameron Campbell's note. Like his colleagues, he is willing to take his own life rather than face punishment for failure, although he is swayed against it with an invitation to sharing ice cream with the other campers.


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