All right, kids! Let's start pouring that punch and prepare for ascension!

—"Cult Camp"

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Daniel is a Cult Leader, and a supporting antagonist in Camp Camp.

Daniel was briefly a Camp Counselor at Camp Campbell in "Cult Camp". He's revealed to have committed mass sacrifices in the past and gotten away with it (despite police looking for him). He retreats to Camp Campbell hoping to commit another mass sacrifice and fails, poisoning himself in the process.

He appears again in "Arrival of the Torso Takers", having survived his poisoning due to an immunity, but has become lactose intolerant as a result. His attempts to impersonate David and murder Max are thwarted by him accidentally ingesting some expired chocolate milk and becoming incapacitated from the pain of his allergy.


Daniel's appearance is identical to David's with the exception of having a much lighter color palette (platinum blonde hair and light blue eyes) and fancier clothing. Upon being introduced, Max immediately takes note of Daniel's appearance and makes several comments on his "cult leader getup." His outfit consists of a white polo shirt with two pockets, white pants held up by a white belt and gold buckle, white socks with blue and orange lines, a white and grey watch on his right arm, and lastly, lace-up white shoes with black soles.


Before his arrival at Camp Campbell, Daniel was part of a religious cult compound and caused the deaths of multiple people. Daniel managed to escape the police and eventually came to Camp Campbell after seeing the open camp counselor position in the local newspaper, plotting another mass sacrifice.

Prior to the start of "Cult Camp", Gwen places the ad to hire more counselors to help them after finding a stash of cash. Soon after informing David, Daniel arrives at the camp to apply for the job. Daniel immediately gains David's trust but causes Gwen to bail by using her vacation days, due to how eerily similar the two seemed to look and act.

Daniel is promptly left in charge of the entire camp, though Max, Nikki, and Neil quickly realize that he is a cultist. A purification sauna is built and the campers are brainwashed into setting up an "ascension party", in which they're meant to drink poisoned Kool-Aid and sacrifice themselves to Xemüg[1]. Despite the trio's repeated attempts to get David to put a stop to things, he remains completely oblivious as to what's really going on. After using a bit of reverse psychology on David to make him uncertain about his future at camp, he then purposely puts himself through the purification sauna and expresses his 'affection' for Daniel. David is finally prompted to take action and tries to fire Daniel, but the duo end up having a musical face-off with "Better Than You" in an attempt to prove their own superiority. At the end of the song Daniel accidentally drinks his own toxic Kool-Aid and is quickly whisked away by an ambulance.

Daniel makes a return in "Arrival of the Torso Takers", spending most of the episode posing as David. Though he had the look down pat, even going so far as to wear colored contact lenses, Max found his mannerisms to be increasingly off-putting. After he, Nikki, and Neil sneak into the bomb shelter to watch a grown-up horror movie, Daniel's solution was to offer counseling to the campers because of how they've been acting out. Throughout the day Max grew increasingly more paranoid that David had been replaced with some kind of torso taking alien, but was relieved that it was just the "downgrade" of Daniel in disguise. He reveals survived his poisoning by having developed an immunity to it, but has become lactose intolerant as a result, and is upset that he can no longer eat ice cream.

This time he is after Max specifically, intending to have David watch his "favorite camper" slowly lose his mind before being murdered in front of him, and reveals that he had set up a camera to live-stream the event to David. Max subsequently escaped and found David tie to a chair in the bomb shelter. Upon being asked how Max realized that Daniel wasn't him, Max says it's because "David" was acting like a good camp counselor for once. Daniel appears and grabs Max in a last-ditch effort to stab him, but David pounces on him and the two end up in a comical slap-fight. Max picks up a crossbow and threatens to shoot, but since they both look identical and copy each other's dialogue of trying to plead for their lives, he figures he'll just shoot them both. Upon seeing a bunch of expired chocolate milk on a shelf above them, and remembering Daniel's allergy, he shoots the cans, and Daniel is ultimately defeated after having accidentally ingested some. Though they lock him in the bomb shelter and call the sheriff to come pick him up, Daniel successfully manages to dig his way out of the ground, and is bitten by the platypus on his way out.


Daniel's initial "happy-go-lucky" attitude is remarkably similar to David's, which causes David to invest a lot of trust in him almost immediately. This is later shown to be only a facade concocted to allow him to infiltrate Camp Campbell and subject its campers to "detoxification rituals" in order to help them "reach ascension." His actions at Camp Campbell (and at the unknown compound) show that Daniel is able to manipulate people with ease due to his charm, although his antics are easily discovered under a careful eye, as Max, Nikki, and Neil quickly discern Daniel's true motives. However, his brashness is ultimately his undoing – going head to head with David, he made a grave mistake by absentmindedly ingesting the poisoned Kool-Aid in his pompous show.

His overconfidence is the instrument of his own undoing upon his return; by perfectly mirroring David's appearance and mannerisms, he ran the risk of tricking Max and causing him to shoot the real David by mistake. While boasting about his immunity to poison, he reveals he has developed lactose intolerance, and Max exploits this weakness to bring him down again.


  • Many of Daniel's actions in "Cult Camp" are inspired by the infamous Jonestown Massacre, in which numerous people died after drinking poisoned Kool-Aid. Quartermaster and Nikki directly lampshade this in the episode.
  • Daniel is skilled in playing the fiddle, just as David can play the guitar.
  • Daniel is shown to never blink throughout the series.
    • He also has a habit of audibly cracking his neck when faced with people questioning his religious beliefs and ideologies.
  • It is possible that Daniel could be from the cult of Scientology, as he talks about the Galactic Confederacy, and of “Xemüg”[1] which is an obvious parody of Xenu the evil dictator who committed genocide of his people in the beliefs of the Church of Scientology.
  • The scene showing Daniel standing at the table in the middle of all the campers while serving Kool-Aid is an allusion to Leonardo da Vinci's painting, The Last Supper.
  • In "Arrival of the Torso Takers", it is revealed that he is severely lactose intolerant and that because of this, he is very upset over not being able to eat ice cream.
    • It is also revealed that he is capable of mimicking David to the point where he even sounds like him. Only Max was able to distinguish a difference between the real David versus Daniel in disguise.
  • It is possible Jen and Daniel are from the same cult, considering their similar Satanic interests, behavior, and color pallets.
  • Much like how Jen is meant to heavily resemble Gwen but as her evil counterpart. Daniel is meant to heavily resemble David but as his evil counterpart.
  • Daniel is shown to be left-handed.
  • Strangely, he doesn't bother to put Quartermaster in the purification sauna, which could've been done intentionally since Quartermaster is seemingly immune to poisoning.


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