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He's such a troublemaker!

—"Jasper Dies at the End"

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  • Darla, alongside Gregg, were both former counselors at Camp Campbell during the time when David and Jasper were attending the camp as children. She and Gregg make a cameo appearance near the end of the pilot. She makes her official debut in "Jasper Dies at the End."


    Darla is a tall, pale woman. She has waist-length wine berry-colored hair with bangs, coffee bean brown eyes, and black eyebrows. She wears the Camp Campbell counselor's shirt, purple capris, and purple boots. Her ears and nose are contessa.


    When she was a counselor, she was upbeat and bubbly, often wearing a smile on her face. However, she became distraught when young David shows up, as he was a bit of a troublemaker. She seemed to enjoyed her job as a counselor.


    • It has been stated by Jordan Cwierz in a Reddit Q&A that Darla and Gregg look like Gwen's parents; although, they have been confirmed to canonically not be her parents.
    • Similar to David and Gwen, she and Gregg both share the same initials and both are working hand in hand as co-counselors of Camp Campbell.
    • In "Dial M For Jasper", Campbell reveals that he had fired her, alongside Gregg, due to financial problems.


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