Can you believe it, Max? We're getting not one, not three, but two new campers today!

—David, "Escape from Camp Campbell"

David is the deuteragonist of Camp Camp. He is one of the two counselors working at Camp Campbell. He is a cheerful, happy-go-lucky guy who would do just about anything to show people the bright side of camping. His personality clashes with that of Gwen, his co-counselor, but most of all Max, a camper at Camp Campbell who despises everything about camping.


David has a thin, lanky build, short auburn hair, and blue-green eyes. He wears a long-sleeved, dark green Camp Campbell counselor T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves and olive green shorts, as well as white socks, brown shoes, and a yellow Camp Campbell t-shirt tied around his neck and a brown vest, much like camp founder, Cameron Campbell

Back when David was a camper, the tuft of hair above his forehead was more rounded. He wore a yellow shirt, a brown vest, olive shorts, and white socks with brown shoes.


David is shown to be upbeat, enthusiastic, and happy-go-lucky. He constantly tries desperately to put the positive spin on any situation (much to Max and fellow co-counselor Gwen's ire.) He has a blind admiration for Cameron Campbell, to the point that he puts all his effort into trying to uphold the legacy of the camp to the best of his ability. Unlike Gwen, he has never sworn except on one occasion in "The Order of the Sparrow."

David is very energetic, often being shown skipping and making dramatic gestures. In "Scout's Dishonor," David even says he lies in bed awake in eager anticipation for the next day rather than actually sleeping.

In "Reigny Day," David proves that he can be rather inconsiderate in the face of obsession. He was obsessed with obtaining the "Camp Counselor of the Year" award from the Camp Critic Committee. In addition, he rudely ignored his co-counselor Gwen, who tried to inform him of the bad weather. Another such occurrence took place when Neil was briefly believed to be murdered; he sobbed, saying, "There goes my award!"

In the episode "The Order of the Sparrow", when Max tells him to give up, David replies that despite Max having a point about camping and how no one seems to care, he's still going to try because as he quotes, "somebody fucking has to." This shows that David isn't as naive as he seems and that his optimism is only matched by his determination, which in the end paid off.

As a child and Campbell camper himself, David is shown to have hated the camp much like Max. In "Jasper Dies at the End", after going with Jasper and Mr. Campbell on a hike in the woods, he was forced to use his own wits to find and save Jasper, which caused him to develop a love for camp after being awarded a "best camper" badge.

Despite his fierce loyalty to Cameron Campbell, David will always put the needs of his campers first, even Max. In "Parents' Day" he and Gwen disobeyed Campbell's orders to pretend to be Max's family for the talent show so they could cheer Max up with some pizza after learning his parents had essentially abandoned him at the camp.


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  • David and Max are the only characters whose ages have been established in the show. David is 24 and Max is 10.
  • As revealed in "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected," David has a Tinder account. His bio is the list of activities raddled off in the show's theme song.
  • David getting injured is a running gag in the series. He has been run over by vehicles, stabbed, and even set on fire.
  • The bandanna David wears is actually his Camp Campbell camper shirt from camper himself. This is revealed in "Camporee."
  • As a kid, David was called "Davey" as revealed in "Jasper Dies at the End."
    • In his younger days, he was actually very similar to Max (being somewhat of a troublemaker.) It could be implied that David believes that Max will turn out like him someday.
    • Mr. Campbell still addresses David as "Davey" even as an adult.
  • He likes trail mix, as revealed in the episode "Anti-Social Network".
  • Since he and Gwen share the same Cabin, David sleeps on the right side of the room. His side has a corkboard labeled "Memories" hanging on the wall, a mug that says "#1 Counselor," his drawer labeled "David" and "Knee High Socks," the "morning wood" that he sleeps with, and a DIY Guitar Repair Kit as seen in "Cult Camp".
  • David writes "Max + Positivity = Success" on his clipboard in the episode "Mascot" which is later seen framed up the Counselors' Cabin's wall.
    • In "The Fun-Raiser", it is shown that he has kept track of the times wherein he and Gwen have caught Max smiling, which was 1.5 times (with the 0.5 being a smirk).
  • Similar to Darla and Gregg, David and Gwen both have the same initials and both are working hand in hand as co-counselors of Camp Campbell.


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