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“ Boy am I, Mr. Campbell! But what kind of fun did you have in mind? How was tha- ”

—Young David reading his script off camera, "Camp Campbell Wants YOU!"

Season 1[]

"Escape from Camp Campbell"[]

“ Can you believe it, Max? We're getting not one, not three, but two new campers today! ”

—David, enthusiastic about the arrival of the new campers

“ David: All I want is for you kids to have as much fun as I did when I was a Campbell camper. Is that really too much to ask?

Max: I refuse to believe someone as happy as you can possibly exist.


—David telling Max to lighten up a bit

“ The first stop on any good tour is the flagpole! I can't help but give it the official Camp Campbell salute every time I see it. Beside the flagpole is our mess hall, which-- Oh! Sorry, saw the flag again. ”

—David, while giving the new kids a tour of the camp

“ David: Ooooohhh~ There's a place I know that's tucked away, a place where you and I can stay, where we can go to laugh and play and have adventures every day!
I know it sounds hard to believe but guys and gals it's true, Camp Campbell is the place for me and-

Gwen: The kids are gone.


—David getting tricked into singing

“ Oh, come on Gwen! Look at the bright side! Max made not one, not three, but two new friends today! ”

—David to Gwen about Neil and Nikki


“ Well, Max, we were going to make hand-made ice cream, but someone killed our mascot and now we need a new one becAUSE EVERY GOOD CAMP HAS A MASCOT, MAX! ”

—David, a little bit unhinged after Larry the hamster was catapulted away

“ Sorry everyone, just... really overwhelmed by all this friendship right now. ”

—David, ever the emotional sap

"Scout's Dishonor"[]

“ Ah, another wonderful day at Camp Campbell. All that's left to do now is recharge with a full eight hours of lying in bed... awake! Waiting for tomorrow. ”

—David, looking forward to tomorrow

"Camp Cool Kidz"[]

“ Max! I am very disappointed in you for this behavior! But I'm also torn, because you were very clearly paying attention during knot-tying class! ”

—David, simultaneously proud of and disappointed in Max


—David while on fire

"Journey to Spooky Island"[]

"Reigny Day"[]

"Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected"[]

"Into Town"[]

"David Gets Hard"[]

“ Oh no! Rule 1: No backing down! Look out world. I’m hard and Im coming! Whether he likes it or not, Nurf is going to let me in! ”

—David to Gwen and Max

"Mind Freakers"[]


"The Order of the Sparrow"[]

“ Times have changed. Whether I like it or not. The campers don't care, Gwen doesn't care, even the founder of this place has better things to do. That's why I'll never stop trying. Because somebody fucking has to. ”

—David telling Max about his motives

Season 2[]

"Cult Camp"[]

"Anti-Social Network"[]

"Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak"[]

"Jermy Fartz"[]

“ That’s clearly birch! Birch! You big dummy! ”

—David to Jermy Fartz

"Jasper Dies at the End"[]

"Quartermaster Appreciation Day"[]

"Bonjour Bonquisha"[]

“ We don’t get to choose how or who we fall for, and we don’t get to choose if or when those feelings go away. But if they do, that shouldn’t take away the good times you did have together, and that shouldn’t take away the things you learned about yourself. It’s ok to be sad about what you lost, but eventually you should try to be thankful for what you gained from the experience ”

—David talking to the Flower Scouts and the Camp campers

"Gwen Gets a Job"[]

"Eggs Benefits"[]

"Space Camp Was a Hoax"[]

"Cookin' Cookies"[]

"Parents' Day"[]

“ I’m sorry Max. I try to always see the good in things and I try to get others to see the same, but pretending like things are okay when they’re not doesn’t help anything. I’m sorry your parents don’t care enough, Max. You have every right to be angry. But you deserve to be happy, and I hope you can find that here at camp. ”

—David at a pizzeria with Max and Gwen when he learns about Max’s parents



"A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever"[]

Season 3[]

"The Fun-Raiser"[]

"Ered Gets Her Cool Back"[]

"Foreign Exchange Campers"[]

"Nikki's Last Day on Earth"[]

"Dial M For Jasper"[]

"The Lake Lilac Summer Social"[]

"Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"[]

“ You know, Max, camp's... not for everybody. Not even the great Cameron Campbell, apparently. But, despite everything we've been through this summer, you're still here. I'm glad that you're cut out for camp, even if he's not. ”

—David's speech to Max.

"Something Fishy"[]

"The Candy Kingpin"[]

"Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot"[]

"City Survival"[]

"Camp Corp."[]


"Arrival of the Torso Takers"[]

"Culture Day"[]

Season 4[]

"Keep the Change"[]

“ I don't hate you Max. In fact, I'm proud of how much you've grown this summer. ”

—David affriming that Max has changed.

"Attack of the Nurfs"[]

"Who Peed the Lake"[]

"New Adventure!"[]

"The Quarter-Moon Convergence"[]

"Follow the Leader"[]

"Preston Goodplay's Good Play"[]

"After Hours"[]

"Camp Loser Says What?"[]


About David[]

“ Besides, no rumor's gonna make David even more uncool. ”

—Ered stopping Samboy from finishing his rumor about David, "Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"