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Zis is ze greatest day of mein life! High-five! High-five!

—"Reigny Day"

Dolph Houston is an Art Camp camper of Camp Campbell modeled after the infamous dictator, Adolf Hitler. He speaks with a German accent and is the shortest camper at Camp Campbell. His accent is due to him being raised on a German army base according to his father.


Dolph bears a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler, such as the same styling of his dark brown hair. He has pale skin with rosy cheeks and blue eyes. He wears a sand-colored vest with a short sleeved brown shirt, puffy brown pants, and dark brown knee-high boots; a uniform resembling that of the Nazi party under Hitler's control.

Tired of his blatant resemblance to Hitler, Dolph is given a new look in "With Friends Like These" that continues into season 5. He now sports a dark purple t-shirt, dark grey shorts, white kneesocks, black shoes with a dark purple stripe, a gold necklace with a small circular pendant, a studded black leather cuff on his left arm, a tan apron covered in paint splotches, and a modern haircut with a prominent light-brown highlight.


Dolph is generally very friendly towards all the campers, and often tries to look on the bright side of things. Primarily, Dolph is adoring and optimistic, though misunderstood. He is often prone to loud and passionate outbursts to communicate his positive thoughts and opinions. This also translates to sudden eccentric, and violent changes in his behavior, and although this is used in a harmless and comedic way, he often scares people away. This can be seen in "Reigny Day" when he yells at Harrison for his mediocre coloring skills and is willing to "make an example" of Neil when he thinks he's hiding from art camp visibly furious. In "The Order of the Sparrow" when he says "I could be the hero this camp deserves" in a sinister-looking way. He also tries to "help" David eat his sandwich by chewing it up for him, but when David runs away he yells "Resistance is futile turkey man!"

These strangely menacing mood swings are used to compare him more to infamously, passionately violent Hitler. When placed in a position of power in "Reigny Day", he became very determined to enforce order, instantly declaring that the camp was now under his control and that he would "make Camp Campbell great again." More and more references to Adolf Hitler are made during the episode with a piece of black crafting paper landing on his upper lip, creating the look of a toothbrush moustache. His leadership as the temporary camp counselor was enough to merit him a "Camp Counselor of the Year Award" from the Camp Critic Committee. Despite his controlling nature, and resemblance to Hitler, he doesn't hold any ill will towards anyone else in the series.

In "The Candy Kingpin", Dolph is shown to be quite naive, and that he will desperately cling to whatever connections he can make, regardless of the other person's intentions. He didn't understand that Max only befriended him for the (very obvious) intention of using him for access to his candy supply, and didn't understand Max's efforts to push him away a bit, nor his unkind words towards his overeager attitude for friendship. Dolph even willingly entered a bear cave to retrieve the sweets that were stolen by bears, potentially risking his life in order to keep Max as a friend. Rather than buy into Campbell's suggestion of using the candy as leverage over Max, he instead chooses to decline Max's friendship altogether as he doesn't want to be friends with someone like him, and that if he were in his shoes he would change, and these words make Max seem remorseful. He was also the only camper who doesn't seem to complain about the food served at breakfast that morning, politely appreciating the in-edibility of his breakfast.

According to Cameron Campbell in "Cameron Campbell Can't Handle the Truth Serum", his poor social skills are due to Schizotypal Personality Disorder fully marinated in Asperger's Syndrome. People with STPD usually have few, if any, close relationships (which is true for Dolph), however, this symptom is usually caused by paranoia and extreme social anxiety (which doesn't make sense given Dolph's previous blind trust in Max). In addition, Asperger's was most often characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction along with restricted and repetitive patterns of behavior and interests (which some could say Dolph also exhibits). Dolph seemingly confirms this by sobbing and crying out that it's such a struggle to make a connection, and later says that Campbell opened his eyes toward the path of self improvement. However, it should be noted that STPD, as a personality disorder, is not diagnosed in children, and that Asperger's is a diagnosis that is now outdated. Asperger's being used in relationship to him may have to do with the diagnosis being created by Hans Asperger, who was a Nazi. In "New Adventure!" he did express a desire to break out of the characterization "box" he's been put into by the other campers.


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  • Dolph, alongside Preston Goodplay, Cameron Campbell, Neil Armstrong Junior, Edward Pikeman , Jermy Fartz, Billy Nikssilp, Stephen van Petrol, Meredith Miller, Gaylord Nurfington, and Cameron Junior "CJ" Campbell are the only characters in the show so far to have their last names revealed.
  • A running gag in the show are Dolph's unintentional references to fascism, Nazis and Adolf Hitler.
  • Although bearing resemblance to Adolf Hitler, Dolph has never been seen to bear hatred against Neil, who is Jewish.
    • In fact he doesn't seem to hate Jews at all as he willingly builds a gingerbread version of Jerusalem in "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever" and is upset when it is destroyed. He also commends Neil's Judaism booth in "Culture Day" when everyone was afraid he would say something anti-semitic.
  • It is revealed in "Parents' Day," that his last name is Houston and that his father is an American lieutenant in the Armed Forces. He states that Dolph was raised on a German army base where he supposedly gained a love of art and soccer like many Europeans, much to his father's dismay.
    • His father's name, Stuart Houston, is a reference to Hitler's half-nephew William Patrick Hitler, who changed his last name to Stuart-Houston after World War II.
  • Dolph's painting in "Escape from Camp Campbell" has a flower with the petals arranged to look like the Nazi swastika and the dog itself is wearing an armband, which soldiers in Nazi Germany often wore to identify themselves with the Nazi Party. The dog depicted is a German Shepherd, a breed associated with the Nazis during the second world war. It could also be a reference to Hitler's German Shepherd Blondi.
    • Another trait that Dolph shares with Hitler is the fact that both are painters.
    • Much like Hitler's father, Alois Hitler, he was also against his son's interest in art.
  • Another reference to Hitler is in "Camporee" when Max states he speaks for all of the campers when says he doesn't want to become a fascist militant peon. In response Dolph states "He does not speak for all of us."
    • Because of that it's unknown if Dolph actually sympathizes with fascism.
  • In the Teaser Trailer, Dolph has a "Mein Camp Journal", a reference to Hitler's autobiography Mein Kampf. The book makes another appearance in "Preston Goodplay's Good Play".
  • In "Jermy Fartz", Dolph is seen wearing a Pickelhaube worn by Prussian and later Imperial German troops.
  • His Skater outfit's helmet has the iron cross on it. This was given out to soldiers and occasionally civilians for doing militant deeds in Nazi Germany.
  • Dolph won the "Camp Counselor of the Year Award" in the episode "Reigny Day", albeit not being an actual counselor.
  • Despite being raised on an army base, Dolph does have true family who live in Germany.  In "The Candy Kingpin," Dolph is revealed to have an uncle who owns a chocolate factory in Wankendorf, and who sends his nephew huge amounts of candy until it burnt down in the same episode.  In "New Adventure!," Dolph reveals that he used to smelt chocolates with his oma (grandmother in German) in Bavaria, something he feels homesick about.
    • It can be presumed that his mother also lives in Germany, although she has never been seen or mentioned in the show.
  • Dolph is one of the only campers at Camp Campbell who doesn't wear a yellow, Camp Campbell themed article of clothing.
  • Dolph is the shortest and presumably the youngest of the campers, although his age remains unknown.
  • Dolph has a medical tent and considers himself the best fake-doctor around. The tent has so far been shown in "Ered Gets Her Cool Back", "Nikki's Last Day on Earth", and "Preston Goodplay's Good Play".
  • He finds Mao Zedong to be cool as revealed in "Ered Gets Her Cool Back" when he dresses up like Mao when trying to be the coolest camper.
    • This may because Mao and Hitler were both infamously ruthless dictators who mass murdered millions of people.
    • In-universe however, Dolph might have not known much about Mao but may have appreciated his poetry which is considered art.
  • In Season 1 when Rooster Teeth used the 2016 Summer of Animation Intro, Dolph can be seen waving "Hi" to the audience with art supplies seemingly coated with red paint.


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