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Fear not, sweet Gwendolyn. Once you work for the Wood Scouts, the only man you'll have to deal with in your life is me. Mmmmm~


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  • Edward Pikeman is a First Class Cedar Scout and the senior patrol scout of Wood Scout Troop #818.


    Pikeman has auburn spiky hair, in a style similar to that of David's. He has a pale complexion and canary yellow eyes with snake-like slit pupils. He has acne on most of his face, and buck teeth with braces. Pikeman is shown to wear a beige long sleeve button up, a pair of gold epaulettes, a wine red sash, and juniper green trousers. This is the Wood Scout Senior Patrol Scout uniform, as the other Wood Scouts in Troop #818 dress slightly differently.


    Pikeman claims that enrollment into the Wood Scouts has reached an all-time low, so they have 'no choice but to forcibly recruit new members'. He has no qualms about torturing and kidnapping other campers in order to keep the Wood Scouts going, as seen in "Scout's Dishonor" and "Camp Loser Says What?". Furthermore, Pikeman also likes to 'raise the stakes' by making bets that frequently put Camp Campbell on the line, which has occurred in both "Camporee" and "Jermy Fartz". He also gloats over the idea of taking over the camp once more in "Follow the Leader", but Campbell opted to end the activity and have the kids go out and retrieve his package from Spooky Island instead. He even has his fellow Wood Scouts trying to recruit people to their camp during "The Lake Lilac Summer Social".

    Even though he is shown to be manipulative and borderline obsessive about annexing the rival camp, he isn't completely heartless. When Daniel revealed his intentions about sacrificing the people of Camp Campbell in "Camp Loser Says What?", he valiantly defended them by putting himself before the cult leader and informing him that he'll have to sacrifice Pikeman to get to them. Of course, Daniel is happy to do so, which leads him to regret the decision. Although he is ultimately sent home, his goal remains to continue agonizing the Campbellians.

    Pikeman is rather sensitive over his acne, becoming upset after Max tells him that his 'face looks gross' in "Scout's Dishonor". He seems to also be insecure about his nasally voice. When Pikeman tells his version of the events of the evening of "Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot", he is depicted with perfectly clear skin and a much deeper voice.

    He has also shown to act misogynistic on two occasions thus far. He informs Sasha that "this is America, where men take charge!" in the episode "Follow the Leader", and telling Gwen that "the men will decide what's best for you" in "Camp Loser Says What?"



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