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Season 1[]


β€œ Pussies for life. ”

—Ered, after the platypus was deemed to be the new mascot

"Scout's Dishonor"[]

"Camp Cool Kidz"[]

β€œ EVERYONE can be cool at Camp Cool Kidz! ”

—Ered's first order of business as the new one in charge

β€œ Max: Nikki, she's just using you! She just uses people!

Ered: Don't listen to him, Nikki!
Nikki: It's okay, Ered! I know you would never do that!
Ered: No, its true, just don't listen to him Nikki! I need you on my side!


—Ered, revealing her true intentions

"Journey to Spooky Island"[]

"Reigny Day"[]

"Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected"[]

"Into Town"[]

"David Gets Hard"[]

"Mind Freakers"[]


"The Order of the Sparrow"[]

Season 2[]

"Cult Camp"[]

"Anti-Social Network"[]

"Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak"[]

"Jermy Fartz"[]

"Jasper Dies at the End"[]

"Quartermaster Appreciation Day"[]

"Bonjour Bonquisha"[]

"Gwen Gets a Job"[]

"Eggs Benefits"[]

"Space Camp Was a Hoax"[]

"Cookin' Cookies"[]

"Parents' Day"[]



"A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever"[]

Season 3[]

"The Fun-Raiser"[]

"Ered Gets Her Cool Back"[]

β€œ Ugh! I can't believe how uncool I am right now. ”

—Ered, after she continues to embarrass herself due to her sprained leg

"Foreign Exchange Campers"[]

"Nikki's Last Day on Earth"[]

"Dial M For Jasper"[]

"The Lake Lilac Summer Social"[]

"Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper"[]

"Something Fishy"[]

"The Candy Kingpin"[]

"Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot"[]

"City Survival"[]

"Camp Corp."[]


"Arrival of the Torso Takers"[]

"Culture Day"[]

Season 4[]

"Keep the Change"[]

"Attack of the Nurfs"[]

"Who Peed the Lake"[]

"New Adventure!"[]

"The Quarter-Moon Convergence"[]

"Follow the Leader"[]

"Preston Goodplay's Good Play"[]

"After Hours"[]

"Camp Loser Says What?"[]


About Ered[]

β€œ You never used to try to be cool for other people before. You were so confident that you didn't even think about other people! You're just you! And that was cool. ”

—Nerris to Ered, after Ered told her that she tried so hard to get everyone else's approval