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“I said, 'Call me Ered,'”

— "Ered in Parents’ Day”

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  • Meredith "Ered" Miller is an Extreme Sports camper at Camp Campbell and the universally-regarded "cool kid" of Camp Campbell.


    Ered is a laid-back, lazy, and stoic girl who is often described as "cool" by her fellow campers. Most of the kids at Camp Campbell agree that said coolness is mainly due to her charisma and unbothered exterior. She wonders about being "too extreme" when she grows up, as mentioned in "Time Crapsules", and this seems to be her biggest/only concern about the future. After revealing that she burned down the house in "Welcome Back, Campers!", Ered realized she has no life skills, which is part of what led her to come back to Camp Campbell in season 5.

    She is also shown to be frequently taking selfies, and this - along with her obsession with trying to prove her coolness to everyone in "Ered Gets Her Cool Back" - implies she is somewhat self-centered. This is further compounded by Cameron Campbell in the episode "Cameron Campbell Can't Handle the Truth Serum", wherein he states that Ered has undefined boundaries and an inflated sense of self-worth due to being an only child, which could explain the "cool-kid" attitude.

    According to Max, she uses people for her own gain, which Ered actually admitted to in "Camp Cool Kidz". Despite this, Ered is able to understand and appreciate the interactions she has with her fellow campers, as shown in her talk with Nerris on what made Ered cool in "Ered Gets Her Cool Back". Likewise, she appears to be the most liked member of the camp, as she was never a target of Nurf's bullying and Max does not antagonize her nearly as much as he does with the other campers (though that is not to say she is completely immune from said antagonization).

    However, on rare occasions she'll break out of her usually lazy voice when in certain emotions. For example, she was visibly angry when Space Kid blew up a wall of the cabin interrupting her dance party, and was thoroughly devastated when David said he thinks she's cool when she breaks her leg.


    Ered has long blonde hair with part of her bangs dyed magenta. She wears a dark purple jacket with a paler purple collar and rolled-up sleeves overtop of a yellow shirt. She has stylishly ripped blue jeans, and loosely-fitted purple thigh-high boots. Her skin is pale, and has blue eyes. She is often seen with her pink skateboard, and very frequently makes use of the camp to practice her skateboarding.

    In the season 5 premiere "Welcome Back, Campers!", Ered's hair now sits at shoulder-length, although her highlights stay the same. She states the reason for cutting her hair is that she's "gotta grow up at some point."


    • While Ered's exact age is unconfirmed, in "The Talk" she says she purposefully missed a summer trip with the other freshmen to come back to camp this summer. Based on that statement, this would put her at approximately 14-15 years old.
    • In the episode "Camp Cool Kidz," Nikki reveals that her first name is actually "Meredith" but prefers to be called by the middle part of the said name. This is referenced again later in "Parents' Day."
      • She is also shown to dance like the character "5" from the Peanuts franchise.
    • In the episode "Mind Freakers" it is revealed that Ered gets bad report cards, implying she performs poorly in school.
    • In "Parents' Day" it is revealed that Ered has two fathers, both of whom are FBI agents.
    • In contrast to Dolph, Ered is the tallest and presumably the oldest camper of the camp.
    • Ered, alongside Preston Goodplay, Cameron Campbell, Neil Armstrong Junior, Edward Pikeman and Jermy Fartz, Billy Nikssilp, Stephen van Petrol, Dolph Houston, Gaylord Nurfington, and Cameron Junior "CJ" Campbell are the only characters in the show so far to have their last names revealed.
    • Her favorite color is shown to be pink as revealed in various episodes, and due to a number of possessions that she owns sharing the same color.
      • As shown in "Escape from Camp Campbell", she owns a pair of pink wireless headphones as well as her signature pink skateboard that she uses for Extreme Sports camp.
      • In "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever", she is shown to own a pink sled and receives a pink keytar from David as a Christmas gift.
    • She is skilled at repairing motorcycles, as mentioned in "Camporee".
    • Ered is the only Camp Camp character not to be put in Roosters Teeth's Summer of Animation Intro in 2016/season 1.


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