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Why don't you make like an over-acting sebacious oil gland cell and get out of my face?

—Erin, "The Lake Lilac Summer Social"

Erin is a Flower Scout, alongside Sasha and Tabii who made her debut in "Scout's Dishonor." She resides in Troop #789 and is the smart one of the three.


Erin is a young girl with a dark complexion, one amber eye and one light blue eye, medium length hair of the same color, and bangs that cover most of the left side of her face. In Season 4, she uses a pink hair clip so her hair doesn't cover up her amber colored eye. Contrary to her hair, her eyebrows and eyelashes are black. Her nose is pointed and upturned, and she is the tallest of the Flower Scouts.

She wears the usual Flower Scout uniform (a white, short-sleeved shirt, with pink cuffs, a pink sash adorned with badges, and a pink flannel skirt), along with dark-purple and white sneakers.


Erin, unlike the other two Flower Scouts, doesn't react and interact much. She is usually seen agreeing to what the other two say and is usually calm and collected. She, like her fellow Flower Scouts, also find Nikki's 'unladylike' ways to be disgusting, along with everything else that involves Camp Campbell. She is seen to care for her friends as she is willing to give assistance in any way she can, as she helps Tabii try to kiss Neil in "Romeo & Juliet II: Love Resurrected" when she helped drag Nikki offstage and tie her upside down, and when she bought Sasha's pumpkin spice from the snack bar in the same episode. She is the least aggressive of the three. Erin likely takes the role of “the smart one” in the Flower Scouts group.


Erin orange eye closeup

Erin's left eye is orange.



  • Erin has heterochromia, as seen briefly in the episode "Scout's Dishonor," with her left eye being yellow-orange.
  • She is shown to be somewhat racist as shown in the episode "Cookin' Cookies," after she also shows her obvious disgust over Mexico as she states that "They should just build a wall over that place already."
    • This specific phrase is a nod to 45th president Donald Trump wanting to build a wall over Mexico.
  • She is shown to be the smart one of the Flower Scout trio, as shown in "The Lake Lilac Summer Social". Similar to how Neil is the genius of the Camp Campbell trio.
  • In the Rooster Teeth Animated Adventure "Mob Cookies & Clean Butthole Land", Erin is one of the armed girl scouts that appear when summoned by Lindsay Jones.

Erin - New Hairstyle