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The Flower Scouts are an all-female scouting organization. Their activities primarily consist of arts & crafts. They are a parody of the Girl Scouts. Their camp is located somewhere by Lake Lilac.

Current members[]

  • Sasha
  • Erin
  • Tabii
  • Nikki (formerly)
  • Neeancy (temporarily an honorary member)
  • Penelope Priss (Garden Mother)
  • Ainsley (currently in a Siberian labor camp)
  • Trinity (mentioned in Fashion Victims)
  • Melody (mentioned in Fashion Victims)
  • Unnamed blue-haired girl


So far, all of the Flower Scouts have been seen wearing a white short-sleeved shirt, with a pink sash displaying their badges and a pink flannel skirt.


The Flower Scouts were introduced along with their military male counterparts, the Wood Scouts, in "Scout's Dishonor." In an escape attempt gone wrong, Nikki and Neil wind up in the Flower Scouts Camp while Max is kidnapped by the Wood Scouts. Neil briefly indulges in the camp activities until the Flower Scouts show that their traditional female views mean they don't approve of Nikki. Subsequently, they return to Camp Campbell by a tamed hawk.


  • Their honorary Flower Scout badge doubles as a Wi-Fi Hotspot as seen in "Scout's Dishonor."
  • All three of the main Flower Scouts have the same voice actress and speak in heavy, albeit differing, valley girl accents, somewhat similar to Ered.
  • The troop based by Lake Lilac is Troop #789.
  • They hold cookie sales yearly. In return, the troop that sells the most cookies get an all expense paid trip abroad.