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Georden Whitman was a former artist for Rooster Teeth Productions, where he helped create Nomad of Nowhere and worked on Sex Swing. He was also a background artist and character designed for Camp Camp, and also provided the voice of Preston Goodplay for seasons 1 and 2.

According to a comment he made on this tumblr post, he left RT due to "creative differences". His role as Preston was passed onto Nicholaus Weindel after his departure.


  • In the Camp Camp Teaser Trailer, one of the shelves in Space Kid's cabinet is labeled "Georden".
  • He is graduate of Ringling School of Art and Design, and he has also worked for Channel Frederator, Hallmark Cards and Boom! Comics.
  • Whitman may have been the one to design Preston Goodplay, provided through some concept art he has done for the show, which includes Preston's final look used in seasons 1-4 (top right). However, they are no longer available to be viewed in his current art portfolio.[1]
    • In another piece of concept art, Whitman sketched a few possible designs of Gwen, along with a small doodle of Nikki off to the right. Again, these are no longer available to be viewed in his current portfolio. [2]
  • In a Tumblr Q&A posted on May 14, 2019, Georden Whitman revealed that he had offered to continue to voice Preston after leaving Rooster Teeth, discussing that it would have allowed him to maintain a professional relationship with the show and keep the fans happy since the character had meant a lot to them. However, Whitman continues that he never received a callback from any Rooster Teeth representative about his VA role and only found out that he was no longer voicing the character through a call from a close friend. At the end of the post, Georden Whitman concludes that he felt sad that he was not invited back to voice Prestonstating that he "loved" voicing him too.[1]