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  • Graggle is a fish person creature that emerged from the depths of Lake Lilac in "Something Fishy". Although he transitioned to his human form at the end of the episode, he was snatched up (and presumably eaten) by a gigantic bird.


    As a fish-person, his appearance is mainly humanoid with only some fishy features on his hands, feet, and head. His body is visibly male, with very defined muscles. He has webbed feet and hands that also come with opposable thumbs. His entire head is made up of the entire body of a blue anglerfish, complete with an antenna bulb that glows in the dark. He has a few scant hairs on his forehead, and two slits for a nose, though he also does have gills. His fins and lips are a darker blue, with two more behind his shoulders. He also has beady black eyes and jagged teeth, as well as perpetually drooling water from his mouth. For modesty's sake, he also has a brown loin cloth.

    As a man, he retains the body shape and muscles, though his skin is now a tanned brown color. His face is a chiseled rectangle, his eyes are blue, and he has flowing blonde hair. He completely loses all his fishy features in this form.


    As a fish, he seems to have a playful side, as he splashed around in the lake with Gwen before unleashing a torrential blast of water at her shortly after. He also jabbed a fork into two two dismembered fish heads and made them dance, much to her delight. He also accompanies Gwen in making snow angels (in the mud) and uses his antenna to provide light for her at night.

    As Graggle was only briefly human, not much is known of his personality. What is known is that he was profoundly in love with Gwen, though she immediately rejected him based on his (admittedly conventionally attractive) looks, and is distraught to the point of sobbing. According to David, this is because she apparently has a "thing" for webbed feet. In an ironic twist, he is then scooped up by a giant bird.


    • Graggle was revealed to be Quartermaster's adopted son in his debut episode. He was taken in by the elder man after the passing of his mother, thirty years prior to the events of the series.
      • This would make him somewhere around 30 years old at minimum, although his exact age remains unconfirmed.
    • The story of Gwen and Graggle's romance is a parody of the film The Shape of Water.


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