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I like daisies!

— "Parents' Day"

Gram Gram is Preston's grandmother. She made her debut in "Parents' Day".


Gram Gram resembles a typical old lady having gray hair tied into a bun and wrinkles on her face. She has small oval eyes and white eyebrows. She wears a long purple night gown with puffy sleeves and white earrings.


Gram Gram is a sweet old lady with a rather severe hearing problem. Despite that, she supports her grandson's wishes and finds his plays amusing. She is also a bit clueless as to what's going on around her, as she didn't notice Max flinging mashed potatoes at her until she was struck. In addition, after everyone witnessed Neil's dad and Nikki's mom having sex onstage, her response is simply "I like daisies".


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  • Because of her hearing problem, it can be assumed that this is the cause as to why Preston has a habit of yelling all the time.
  • Of all the adults that attended Parents' Day, Gram Gram is the only grandparent to have turned up.
    • It has yet to be explained why Preston lives with her, or what might have happened to his parents.
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