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Davey, you have so much potential. If only you would apply yourself!

— "Jasper Dies at the End"

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  • Gregg was previously a counselor at Camp Campbell, alongside Darla back when David and Jasper were attending as fellow campers. He and Darla made a cameo appearance near the end of the pilot. He makes his official debut in "Jasper Dies at the End".


    Gregg has dark skin and black eyes. He wears a green Camp Campbell counselor's shirt, along with blue jeans that have faded knees and rolled cuffs. He has black shoes with white toes and heels, thick eyebrows, and a box-top haircut.


    Gregg appears to be a happy, upbeat man. He seems to enjoy his job as a counselor at Camp Campbell and is supportive of the kids. This is exampled when David gives his speech in "Jasper Dies at the End" where Gregg can be seen smiling broadly and wiping a tear from his eye.


    • It has been stated by Jordan Cwierz in a Reddit Q&A that Darla and Gregg look like Gwen's parents; although, they have been confirmed to canonically not be her parents.
    • Similar to David and Gwen, he and Darla share the same initials and both are working hand in hand as co-counselors of Camp Campbell.
    • In "Dial M For Jasper", Campbell reveals that he had fired him, alongside Darla, due to financial problems.


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