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Is it? Or is it.... magic? Tada!

— "Mascot"

Harrison is a Magic Camp camper at Camp Campbell. He is usually seen performing a variety of magic tricks, ranging from simple illusions to unexplained anomalous occurrences. He has an occasional rivalry with Nerris.


Harrison has clean unkempt brown hair and wears a black top hat with a silver strip. Harrison wears a formal outfit befitting his profession. He wears a yellow dress undershirt (sometimes blue) beneath a black waistcoat and a black tie, along with white gloves. He wears black jeans with visible pockets and a pair of black dress shoes.

He has olive green eyes with yellow tinged sclera. His pupils are slightly elongated compared to the other campers. He also has an upward curving nose.


Harrison is originally shown to be rather humble in his work. He often finds himself to be a victim to Nurf's bullying. He has a deep respect for magic and enjoys presenting his skills to others whenever he gets a chance. Most of the campers are confused and astounded by his more complex tricks, but he often receives criticism for his incompetence in controlling their effects. Although he is generally confident in his ability to do magic, he is also shown to be able to admit when he is wrong, or when he's messed up.

In "Mind Freakers", Harrison expresses a much more nefarious personality. He takes delight in bewildering Neil with the magic trick he performed on Max and is generally mysterious about his methods. He also takes offense to Neil's criticism of his supposedly fake abilities, evidenced by how the trick performed on Max was intended for Neil himself in an act of revenge.

Although he cares for his peers, Harrison can be consumed by his arrogance, placing people like Max ("Mind Freakers") and Nerris in potentially fatal danger in order to prove his own capabilities. Harrison can also be very persuasive and uses it to his advantage, able to make the other campers turn against Neil's scientific philosophies while maintaining his own smug attitude.

In "Quest to Sleepy Peak Peak", Harrison is once again shown to be prideful and confident about his magic abilities, while also demonstrating that he is typically sheepish and harmless when it comes to anything else. This can be concluded from when Nerris insulted him by saying he should be a dwarf because "they're dumb and ugly just like [his] face." Harrison openly admits that her insult was successful in making him feel bad by telling her that "yeah, that one hurt," and optimistically saying that his mother tells him he'll grow into his looks (as if to reassure himself).

Harrison is also a bit naive. This is shown in "City Survival" when David's "lesson" to Harrison and Nerris is "always trust strangers, say yes into walking in unmarked vans, and never fear knife wielding muggers." to which Harrison excitedly responds with, "I can't wait to tell my parents!" In "Camp Corp." he sees Cameron Campbell, and even though he's in his regular attire, Harrison still believes it's Samboy Kidwell, from a previous episode "Cameron Campbell the Camp Campbell Camper".

In Season 4, constant ridicule from his peers cause Harrison to receive a bit of a inferiority complex. This is shown in "The Quarter-Moon Convergence", when he becomes depressed when the campers shun his attempt to entertain them with his magic tricks, and attempts to befriend the Quartermaster as they are both "outcasts". He soon decides to stop, as he still thought highly of himself not to associate with Quartermaster's questionable activities, and comes to the conclusion that kids make fun of others out of insecurity and stupidity. In "The Butterfinger Effect" Max implies that Harrison is unpopular, and then adds a "no offense." Harrison responds that he actually is quite offended before being cut off and ignored by Max, saddening him. It should be noted that in this episode that the Butterfinger Effect causes Harrison to temporarily become a cynical, jaded kid just like Max although he reverts back at the end of the episode. Although "St. Campbell's Day" shows us that Harrison is still an avid fan of magic, it's very likely that Harrison still has some self-esteem issues.

Powers and Abilities[]

In "Mascot," Harrison makes a rabbit disappear into his hat. Upon David asking him to bring it back, he says, "Oh, I don't know how. This is kind of why I'm here," alluding to the fact that he isn't sure how to reverse all of his spells. This is further confirmed in "Parents' Day," when his parents, upon being questioned on him, yell "he made his brother disappear!" It is shown in "Eggs Benefits" that he could make his and Nerris's egg reappear but it broke under Nerris's hat. This shows that Harrison might have the ability to bring things back after all, but will destroy it if he does.

In "Squirrel Camp", the campers and staff gather up, armed with crude weapons, to kick out the invading doppelganger squirrels. However, Harrison is completely unarmed, implying he was going to simply attempt to use his own magical abilities against them. What attacks he might have used are unknown.

Harrison is inexperienced, but skillful, with his magic tricks. However, he is shown to accidentally make dire situations worse as a result of his inexperience. In "Camp Cool Kidz," he attempts to aid Ered and Nikki against Max by casting a stream of fire, but unintentionally lights David on fire instead. His fire abilities are shown again in "Ered Gets Her Cool Back", when he conjures up a fiery hoop for a tiger to jump through, in an attempted bid to become the new coolest camper.

"The Quarter-Moon Convergence" has a substantial focus on Harrison's magical abilities. After impressing Quartermaster with the mundane pick-a-card trick, he is recruited into helping Quartermaster prevent an apocalyptic event. After gathering supplies and being chased by living vines, they find a large meteorite that crashed down in the forest. Harrison is instructed to read from a spellbook Quartermaster gave him, which causes his eyes to glow and turn blue, while the planets to spin around to then form 4 smaller moons. Quartermaster administers a bucket of pig's blood to the meteorite and he develops the exact same visual effects as Harrison. He is then told to take hold of the hook, and channel his "arcane innards" with a spell. After saying "abra cadabra", they are brought to a floating tea party in space, hosted by an Octopus wearing a suit. The Octopus spares their lives, after reading Harrison's soul and saying he has a good heart. As Quartermaster and Harrison begin being pulled back to Earth, The Octopus adds, "Oh, Harrison! Your brother says hi!" After they return to earth, Quartermaster offers to let Harrison help him stop another apocalypse scheduled for next Tuesday. Harrison calls Quartermaster a "fucking freak", and yells at him to never involve him in his activities ever again under any circumstances.


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  • Harrison has a slight accent to his voice, despite neither of his parents having an accent.
    • His accent is presumably Israeli, as his voice actor Yotam Perel was born in, and currently resides in, the country of Israel.
    • He also records his lines in his own recording studio rather than recording at Rooster Teeth, as confirmed by Miles Luna on Reddit.
  • His name may be a pun on "Harry's son", in reference to the famous magician Harry Houdini ("Harry's son"). Alternately, it may be a nod to the titular character Harry Potter.
  • According to Jordan Cwierz, Harrison would go to Durmstrang. However, if he were a Hogwarts student, he would most likely be a Hufflepuff. This is referenced in A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever, in which he wears a black and yellow scarf, Hufflepuff's house colors.[1]
  • In "Squirrel Camp" it is revealed that Harrison likes to act out the camp's past adventures, and even goes so far to make puppets of the characters, although we've only seen puppets of himself and Neil thus far.
  • It is shown that even though Harrison can make things and even people disappear, he doesn't know how to bring them back. This is first shown in the episode "Mascot", in which he makes a rabbit disappear, but when David asks him to bring it back, he replies, "I don't know how. That's kinda why I'm here."
  • Both of his parents are afraid of him due to his ability to do inexplicable and powerful things with his magic. In a panic, they yell, "He made his brother disappear!" They tell David that he was sent to Camp Campbell thinking it would help him hone his magical abilities so that he could bring his brother back.
  • Many fans have pointed out Harrison's resemblance to Bill Cipher from the TV show Gravity Falls due to their similar yellow attire, stylish clothing, and top hat.
    • If this is intentional, it may be a reference to Bill's powerful magical abilities. However, it may also just be a coincidence.


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