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In the episode "Mind Freakers", Harrison's magic skills are proven to be much more than mere illusions but are instead genuinely anomalous in nature. When demonstrating his powers by forcing Max to regurgitate a chain of cloth, indigestible materials, and assorted objects from around the camp, Neil is left baffled, and obsesses with finding a means of explaining this anomaly. While the other campers (including Nurf and Nerris) are impressed with this feat, Neil begins to hate Harrison, and Max becomes terrified of him after the traumatic experience.

Initially, he is shown to be a prime target for Nurf's bullying, finding himself teased and beaten in most scenes featuring him. Besides Nurf, Nerris shares a bitter rivalry towards Harrison, likely due to their conflicting interpretations of magic. Nerris always criticizes Harrison's incompetence, while Harrison occasionally places Nerris in harm's way, such as pushing her in the lake in "The Order of the Sparrow". However they seem to have evolved into friends who's relationship is built on snark as the two magic kids are usually seen together and Harrison offers Nerris to sit next to him in "Camp Corp."