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You would dare get in the way of the Republic's ascension? I am not going home empty-handed!

—"Foreign Exchange Campers"

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  • Hwan is an international spy from North Korea who made his debut alongside the rest of the foreign exchange Camp Campbell campers in "Foreign Exchange Campers".


    Hwan is a short boy with pale skin, short black hair, narrow eyes with brown irises, and a stubby nose. His attire resembles that of a Korean military officer, including a dark green jacket with three gold buttons, shoulder pads, and a red collar, as well as matching pants, a hat the size of his head, and black shoes.


    Hwan is a stereotypical North Korean who openly brags about the superiority of his homeland and its Great Leader, and takes great offense to any crime and insult against either. He appears to be determined to ensure his leader's reign lasts forever, believing the rumors that Cameron Campbell possesses an elixir of life (which ultimately turns out to be true), unlike his comrades. He holds his leader in such high regard that he, like his colleagues, would rather take his own life than face punishment for failure, although he is swayed against it with an invitation to sharing ice cream with the other campers.


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