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You wanna do this? Fine. I'm going back to camp and getting proof that the only reason we're out here is because CJ wanted a night off.

— Max

"Infested" is the 4th episode of the fifth season of Camp Camp, making it the 64th episode overall. It premiered March 22nd 2024 on the the RT FIRST site, and March 29th 2024 on the Rooster Teeth site.

Official Synopsis[]

CJ's corner cutting has the adults working overnight. So, obviously, the only thing to do is let the campers spend an unsupervised night alone in the woods. What could go wrong?

Episode Description


David, Gwen, and CJ are inspecting the campers' tents, noting that they are unusually filthy and bug-infested, which is unusual as they are replaced yearly. CJ confesses to cutting corners on some of the overhead, and so he upcycled the campers' tents out of used bedsheets from the motel in town, causing Gwen squirms in revolt. David states the tents aren't up to code and will need to be replaced, so he takes out his phone with the intent of calling the parents to let them know they'll be shutting down for the weekend. CJ slaps the phone out of his hand and states that they will keep the money and replace the tents overnight by turning the bug into a feature. This means pitching a night under the stars for the campers, all alone in the woods. Max wonders how this is different to a normal evening at Camp Campbell, and CJ responds with "marketing and optics". Luckily, Quartermaster has a big box of supplies to help them get through the night. Nikki produces a large crossbow, which David immediately snatches. QM says the forest is dangerous and never know who's packing, and notices the Eyepatch Squirrel on a nearby tree branch, flipping him off. David removes more dangerous items from the box (ice skates, a hunting knife, a bucket of pig's blood, and a bottle of CJ's supplements), instructing the campers not to leave this area for any reason or eat dirt, which he comments directly at Nikki. Through a mouthful of soil, she complains that it should be eaten since it's everywhere. Neil is shocked that they're being left alone in the wilderness, to which CJ says they wouldn't learn self-reliance, then slides backwards into the bushes, saying he's too far away to hear anything else.

Ered, Nerris, Nikki, and Dolph all sit by the fire, while Neil frets about being left alone and Max rummages through the supply box and produces a candy bar. Neil notes that the counselors took down their tents at lunch time, and Nikki recalls hearing CJ talk about bugs, gleefully wondering if the camp is infested with bugs. Neil, however, says it's plain to see what's going on: there's lice at the camp, describing them as bloodsuckers that are hard to get rid of, to which Nurf says is reminiscent of his stepdad. Max tells him they finally have a night with no rules or bedtime, so he shouldn't spend it worrying. Slipping on a pair of binoculars, he adds this is more of CJ's bullshit, citing an example where only one camper got to drink real milk the other day. Nikki is seen chugging a bottle of "milck", which she says isn't from any nut, plant, or animal out there. Neil instructs Max to take the situation seriously or else he'll be placed in quarantine, and Max calls his bluff by saying he'll go back to camp & gather evidence that this is only happening because CJ wanted a night off. Neil, however, remains adamant, and instructs everyone to get away from Max's pillow.

Back at camp, David and Gwen submerge a tent into a campfire, immediately causing them to cough violently. David says he isn't sure what's making him feel more sick: the fumes from the highly flammable sheets, or the lie they're telling the campers. Gwen says it's definitely the fumes, and asks if he's also feeling a bit "infertile-y". CJ, in a full hazmat suit, says they'll get over it, that burning evidence is just a normal part of running business, and tosses a large manila envelope labeled "evidence of price fixing, 2015-present. NO COPS" in as well. Max, grumbling about CJ being some out-of-touch tech bro burning down another business, immediately spots the sky-high flames, and is outwardly shocked that this is literally happening.

After having chugged about 7 bottles of "milck", Nikki is feeling violently sick, as each bottle contains about 120% of a person's daily salt intake. The says salt is the caviar of the earth, before collapsing from her stomachache. Neil asks Ered if Nikki looks weird, but Ered says she's always looked weird. Neil begs her to take this seriously, as any one of the other campers could have lice. Nurf asks how they can trust each other, to which Neil says he & Ered have the best hair at camp (which visibly perks her up), and that Nurf is now forced to shower 4 times a day now that he has a moustache. He says they should group up and tell the other campers to stay away from them and their box of supplies, and produces an electric razor, with the intent on using it against anyone who doesn't obey. Off in the bushes, Harrison coats his hands in plant oil (which is obviously poison ivy) with the intent of more easily stealing people's watches off their wrists, and he giggles ominously while itching his hands. Neil catches him in the act, and the others gather around with suspicious looks. Nerris notes he wouldn't have lice since his hands are affected, but Neil accuses him of purposely giving himself a rash to cover up the fact that he has lice. Nerris protest that splitting up the party would lose their bonus, and Neil rounds on her, saying she's too sweet to hurt a fly, let alone all the lice on her head. He then moves over to Space Kid, wondering when he last removed his helmet, as anything could be festering under there. Neil says that anyone else willing to defend Harrison can be exiled as well, and Harrison scoffs about who would force him to leave. With a snap of his finger, Neil summons Ered and Nurf to grab Harrison's shoulders. Dolph marches over and demand they let Harrison go, only to be easily stopped by Nurf. Nikki excitedly says it's riot time, and fails to break her glass of "milck" over a tree stump as it easily bounces off and hits her square in the forehead. Nurf holds Nikki and Space Kid while Ered is instructed to restrain Harrison, and the electric trimmer revs to life in Neil's hand.

Some time later, inside a circle of tall tree branches, Nikki continues eating dirt (now with a spoon), complaining she's too full of fake milk to eat more tunnel. Space Kid, with a briefcase and tie, advises her to wait as the justice system will prevail. Nikki decides to sharpen the spoon on a rock to turn it into a shiv, and Max finally arrives on the scene. Nikki begs him to help as Neil has shaved Harrison's hair and is about to kick him out of camp. Max says he would've ended up bald anyway due to being a magician, and Nikki wails that she can't lose her hair as that's where she was going to store her shank (the jagged spoon she was using to dig her way out). Max lets them know the camp is on fire, and that he'll end up as a ghost haunting the area due to all his pent up anger. Nikki explains that they're locked in and Nurf has the key, and Max simply topples the tree branches over and pinching the bridge of his nose. Space Kid is upset that the justice system didn't serve them after all, and Max drags him off.

Sat atop a throne of junk, with Nurf holding Dolph and Nerris by the scruff and Harrison at his feet, Neil watches as Ered brings Preston up, who is begging for mercy as being shaved would cause him to have to update his headshot photos. Neil coldly says the theatre is a cruel place that includes things such as sharing costumes and wigs, making it entirely likely that he could've passed the fictitious lice onto Harrison. Preston insists that life is behind him, and Max angrily exclaims that Neil did a "lord of the flies" without him, with Nikki and Space Kid in tow. Nurf tells him they aren't allowed into the area until they've been cleared, and Max is even angrier that Neil also created a government in the 15 minutes he's been absent. Ered brandishes her sharpened stick at Max, saying she will literally kill him if he comes closer. Max lets them know the camp is on fire, to Ered's shock and Nurf's delight, but Neil is adamant that Max and everyone else are lying. He rounds on Max to ask how long he's had lice, accusing his new attitude and enjoyment of camp to be a ploy to infect him with lice. Max calls him insane, and Neil even points out that Max's voice sounds different, but Nerris thinks he sounds great. Neil revs up the electric trimmer, and Max immediately rises to the challenge, pulling the jagged spoon out of Nikki's curls to brandish against him. They leap at each other, and in one fell swoop Neil's entire hairdo goes flying through the wind as he looks on in shock. However, moments after, Max's hair also falls completely off, leaving the pair completely bald. Max is understandably upset about being shaved, threatening to also trim off Neil's eyebrows, but Neil is tearfully happy they are both clean. David lifts Max up before he can lunge, asking what is going on here, as CJ, Gwen, and Quartermaster arrive as well. Max is relieved that an adult has arrived - more or less, since it's David, and he wriggles out of his grasp. He states the camp is on fire and they need to pile into the car to leave the area, but CJ admits they had to get rid of the tents due to their filth. As it's only 11pm, the campers can still legally stay in an up-to-code tent if they come back now, and mentions that the counselors don't get paid overtime for the evening's work.

CJ then notices that 3 of the campers are bald, to which Neil explains it was the only way to get rid of the lice. However, there's so much insecticide in the kids' shampoo that nothing can infect their hair, shown by a fly literally exploding after landing atop Neil's discarded hair pile. Neil is downcast that he lost his beautiful curls for nothing, Max is pissed that he spent his evening being responsible when it didn't matter, and CJ tells them that sometimes that's just how life goes. He tells them to keep their cool and not lose their heads, grabbing a pile of Max's hair to emphasize the joke, and the pair angrily pounce on him with the jagged spoon and electric hair trimmer.

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  • On March 6th 2024, Rooster Teeth, the animation studio of Camp Camp, announced it will be shutting down, making this the final episode of the series officially released by Rooster Teeth.
  • The final post-credits scene is of Quartermaster pulling up in the bus, opening the door, and announcing: "We're here, Camp Campbell! We've spared every expense. All of 'em. Each expense, we spared it. We said nope, not gonna spend it."
  • Neil breaks the fourth wall by acknowledging Max's voice sounds different, due to his previous voice actor Michael Jones being replaced by Krishna Kumar (as of "With Friends Like These").

Cultural References[]


  • One of the items produced from the supply box is the bag of dirt that Nikki was huffing at the beginning of "City Survival".
  • Max's fear that he would become a ghost and haunt the camp if he died there is a nod to Jasper's fate as a ghost stuck on Spooky Island.




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