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Jacob is Bonquisha's boyfriend, as seen in the episode "Bonjour Bonquisha."


Jacob is a tall man (taller than both Bonquisha and David,) with a dark skin tone, bald head, and a short goatee. Jacob can be seen wearing a purple shirt and a dark grey vest featuring black buttons and a black tie. In addition, he also wears deep purple pants and black-cap toe shoes.


Jacob seems to be a calm individual as he never acts aggressive (as demonstrated by the fact that after David attacked him, he didn't strike back and instead opted to defend himself.)



Jacob and Bonquisha are in a relationship. He seems to love her and thinks she has "excellent taste in men."


He acts friendly towards David, even calling David's speech "beautiful." Jacob even calls him "a real stand-up guy". David, however, is not so fond of him (as blatantly demonstrated by the fact that he breaks a chair over Jacob's head after punching him.)


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