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Did you notice my letterman jacket?

—"Time Crapsules"

  • Overview
  • Jake Stonewall is a jock who went to high school with Gwen, and was once the captain of the badminton team. Gwen used to have a crush on him but since graduating, Jake has really let himself go.

    He is voiced by Richie Branson, who has provided the majority of the songs for each episode's end credits.


    In "Time Crapsules", Max tried to make Gwen happy by setting her up on a date with her old high school crush, Jake Stonewall. Gwen was initially excited to see him again, but when Jake entered, he turned out to be an out-of-shape loser, who had not aged well at all, since graduating. Gwen was immediately turned off by him but Jake still tried to turn on the charm by making puns and showing off his letterman jacket. Max quickly kicked Jake out and slammed the door on him, saying there was no need to revisit the past anymore.


    Jake is an adult African-American male with green eyes and raven hair, who used to be very attractive in high school. He always wore a red and white letterman jacket, a green undershirt, blue jeans, and was all-in-all a hunky high school dreamboat.

    However, when he became an adult, Jake gained a ton of weight and lost a bunch of hair, giving him the appearance of a bloated middle-aged man. He now wears grey sweatpants (with his gut hanging out over the waistband), yellow crocs, a bright green t-shirt, and his old red-and-white high school letterman jacket.


    Jake seems to be in denial of the fact that he's no longer hot anymore, as he still acts like the same stereotypical macho jock he used to be in high school.

    He is, however, aware of his single-hood, as he states he's aware he was once a hotshot single, then makes a pass at Gwen by saying he's ready for a "doubles match", which would be his version of a relationship. Embarrassed, Gwen says his badminton one-liners are still as laborious now as they were back in the day, implying he hasn't really matured that much.


    • Despite looking like a middle-aged man (somewhere in his 40's), Jake is actually around 25 years old. Although it has not been directly said by any character in the show, on page 4 of the Official Camp Camp Press Kit, Gwen is stated as being 25 years old.[1] Since they went to high school together, he would be around the same age as her, but only a few years older as she mentions he was a senior.