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James Anthony Willems is an American actor, voice actor, content creator, content producer, show and podcast host, video game entertainer, Twitch streamer and Internet and YouTube personality, who is formerly a Machinima employee affiliated with Inside Gaming who then became a staff member (co-host, content producer, co-star, actor and voice actor) for Funhaus, one of Rooster Teeth's Let's Play divisions.

He is also the voice actor for Dolph in Camp Camp and Jamez The Ripher in Sex Swing.


  • Before fame, he was an associate producer on Attack of the Show! from 2008 to 2009. He has produced events for the network G4, including Comic-Con '08 and '09 Live and E3 '09 Live.
  • He has also made appearances in Achievement Hunter's Let's Plays, as well as On The Spot and the RT Podcast.
  • James is a professional wrestling fan and once built his own wrestling ring in his backyard at 15 years old.
    • He was also a professional wrestler in high school. He went by the pseudonym of El Niño and won $10,000 in a competition.
  • He attended The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Media Production, Film and television, graduating in 2006.
  • James has been noted to have one eye slightly off center from the other eye's symmetry, this being noted on DudeSoup's January 5, 2016 issue.
  • In a May 2018 N64 stream on Funhaus TV, he reveals that he played saxophone in middle school and played guitar for 4 years before moving out to Los Angeles. He stopped playing because he couldn't bring his amp and he consistently had roommates who did not approve of his guitar playing.