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I'm really into fashion and trashy magazines!

—"Cult Camp"

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  • Jen is a Satanist that Gwen somehow comes across during her search for a new, and presumably better (in her opinion, at least) Camp Counselor to replace Daniel. She makes her debut near the end of the episode "Cult Camp."


    Jen bears a striking resemblance to Gwen, with the exception of having a much lighter color palette. She has light blonde hair and light blue eyes, much like Daniel.

    As a contrast to Gwen, Jen's outfit has a decidedly more feminine flair to it. She wears a pink shirt with fluffy sleeves and a white strap in the middle with an embroidered peace sign, along with white shorts.


    While she says that she's into fashion and trashy magazines, much like Gwen, she is shown to be seriously psychotic. She is revealed to be a Satan worshiper when the magazine she holds up shows that the pages have an inverted star and scribbles marker with "kill" and "make them pretty"[1]


    • Due to their similar appearances, it's possible she and Daniel have some sort of connection. However, this is unconfirmed, as Jen has only made a single appearance in the series to date.
      • Daniel also had a book with a pentagram on it, indicating that they may share the same and/or similar cultish beliefs.
      • There are those in some circles who believe that the Peace sign has a more satanic origin and that it actually represents a broken cross. This may be the reason it was included on Jen.
    • Much like how Daniel is meant to heavily resemble David but as his evil counterpart, Jen is designed to heavily resemble Gwen but as her evil counterpart.



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