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Jeremy Nicholas Dooley - also known as "Lil' J" and "JDoolz" - is an American actor, voice actor, show and podcast host, rapper, lyricist, author and Internet & YouTube personality, best known for his work co-hosting Rooster Teeth's gameplay division Achievement Hunter and serving alongside the lyricist team in Camp Camp. Outside of Achievement Hunter, he serves as an occasional actor and content producer in Rooster Teeth Live Action, and lends his voice to various productions, such as Million Dollars, But..., The Eleven Little Roosters, Ten Little Roosters, and many more.

For Camp Camp, he provides the voices of Agent #1 and the enchanted Snowman from "A Camp Camp Christmas, or Whatever", and has created end-credits music for the series, such as "The Camp Camp Rap Rap" and "Adventurer Inside".


  • Jeremy gained popularity by creating content for the Achievement Hunter fan community (primarily Imaginary Achievements, MegaCraft, and Epic Rap Battles of Rooster Teeth). Having gained the attention of the RT staff for his work, he was officially hired on-stage at RTX 2014 at the Achievement Hunter panel alongside Matt Bragg.
    • The pair had gotten in line to jokingly ask to be hired during the open questions, and Geoff Ramsay pulled them on stage to hire them on the spot. However, the pair were aware they would be going on stage - under the impression that they were going to be used for a gag and to "bring clothes they don't mind getting wet". The shocked look on his face that was recorded is 100% genuine.
  • He began as an editor, content creator, and and recurring host on Achievement Hunter for a year, where he was then officially promoted to "main co-host", meaning his primary workload then shifted to being an on-screen personality.
  • He was born in Burlington, Massachusetts, and studied Media Arts and Animation at New England Institute of Art.
  • He is apparently half Irish (from his father's side) and half-Syrian (from his mother's side).