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For the character, see Jermy Fartz.
I wish... It's actually Jermy Fartz. It's a family name, but both of my friends call me "Big Nips."

Jermy Fartz

"Jermy Fartz" is the 4th episode of the second season of Camp Camp and is the 16th episode overall. It aired June 30th, 2017 on the RT FIRST site, and July 7th, 2017 on both the Rooster Teeth Website and YouTube.

Official Synopsis[]

After making a misguided bet with the Wood Scouts, everyone at Camp Campbell is forced to be nice for a whole day. If that wasn't difficult enough, a new camper has just shown up and he's... a mess.

—Episode description


Nikki, Neil, and Max manage to squeeze out a victory at the Annual Lake Lilac Ultimate Frisbee Tournament, which is upsetting to Pikeman, as he apparently wanted to use his victory to reign over Camp Campbell, to which the trio retort that's never gonna happen. David comes by and asks if they can just play nice, and Pikeman scoffs that the Campbell campers being nice is impossible. David challenges him to a bet: if the campers can't go 24 hours without being mean, the Wood Scouts will take Campbell's best camper (though if they should succeed them Pikeman will leave them be) and they shake on it. Pikeman orders Petrol to remain behind and notify him immediately should they fail. David, as usual, is confident in their victory, until the camp bus enters with a new camper: the awkward and disgusting Jermy Fartz. One quick look tells everyone involved that the day's task just became exponentially harder.

Jermy wastes no time in lifting his shirt to explain why his friends nicknamed him "Big Nips", and during the ensuing rambling, Max expresses concern that Jermy being here will cause him to be taken by the Wood Scouts, though Nikki, Neil, and even Space Kid all claim they themselves are actually the best camper. David suggests a nature hike, but Jermy is excused due to a severe case of IBS, which attracts Neil's sympathy as he was bullied back home, thus deciding to really give the new kid a solid chance. Asking Jermy about his hobbies with a gentle touch on the shoulder comes with the revelation that he practices kissing with his pet dog by slathering peanut butter all over his gums, and Neil quickly wanders off to wash his goo-covered hand. Gwen calls for an emergency huddle, scolding the kids for making fun of Jermy - as he is, in her eyes, mentally disabled - but Jermy happily clarifies that "my numerous doctors have assured me that I am completely on-track developmentally." Nikki stops an incoming angry rant from Max, as Petrol is watching closely through the window, and Gwen ushers everyone outside. Her plan of action is some yoga and deep meditation, hoping that the silence will help keep everyone calmer and less stressed. Max, Nikki, and Neil continue to debate which of them is the best, even asking Nerris for her opinion, to which she responds she is the best. Jermy raises his hand to ask for a new pair of pants, which he promptly diarrhea's into, then falls over onto his back. The current time is 9:12am, and Max remarks in a strained tone that today's gonna be a long day.

A quick montage ensues, with Jermy somehow managing to ruin every single one of the camp activities with his grotesqueness. Max's frustration grows with each and every failure, but manages to catch himself with the continuous looming threat of Petrol blowing the whistle. They end up at the ampitheatre for the final activity, and an extremely frazzled and strung-out Max says he can't continue being "nice". Preston tasks everyone with putting together a costume - based on part of the forest - and giving a brief performance based on their choice. Once more, Max says he's going to crack and live out the rest of his days as a Wood Scout, but Nurf, Ered, Harrison, Nerris, and Dolph all bicker that they (individually) are the best. Jermy stumbles onto the stage to show off his bundle of sticks costume, and Max quite literally snaps and starts shouting a derogatory term. Though he is quickly muffled by the other campers dogpiling him, Petrol is on standby with the whistle at his lips.

When Jermy announces that he's chosen to represent the sticks of the pine tree, David bursts out laughing, shrieking that the sticks are actually birch and calling Jermy a "big dummy." Petrol literally blows the whistle on him, who quickly insists that he's the nice one, summoning Pikeman (and Snake) who proceeds to rub his victory in David's face. Max finally breaks free of the dogpile and bellows his pent-up rage at David, immediately feeling much better afterwards. Making good on his deal, Pikeman steps onto the stage to look over the campers and make his "best camper" selection, and they all wither under his gaze. An idea overtakes Neil, who starts begins begging for the Wood Scouts not to take Jermy, and the others quickly catch on, chiming in on how wonderful he is. Pikeman cackles that the choice is clear and the camp will now be so much weaker without him. As the Wood Scouts lead Jermy away, Gwen and Nikki castigate David for screwing everything up, asking what happened to him. David tries, several times, to justify himself, but eventually gives up and stomps away in stubborn red-faced silence. All is quiet for a moment, until something clicks in Nikki's brain and she realizes aloud, "Oh, I get it, he was a fa-", thus ending the episode.


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]

Minor Characters[]




  • Jermy's name originated from an inside joke which occurred during the writing sessions for the pilot. It started with Miles Luna farting, leading Jordan Cwierz to react with "get your germy farts away from me!", which eventually led them into making it a character.[1]
  • Jermy's numerous doctors have assured him that he's completely on track developmentally.
  • He is also shown to have Malapropism, as he mistakes "yoga pants" for "yogurt pants" and "debby downer" for "Deborah downer."
  • Jermy Fartz is the second character to have been a part of a previous camp (Campbell) before switching to another one (Wood Scouts). The first was Nikki, previously transitioning from The Flower Scouts to Camp Campbell.

Cultural References[]

  • In the scene directly after the theme song, Dolph is running around with a toy blimp that heavily resembles the infamous Hindenburg.
    • Nerris can also be seen painting some tiny figurines that are meant for Dungeons & Dragons.
  • Though the technical term for a bundle of sticks is the correct term in reference to Jermy's costume, it has since gained a very derogatory and homophobic connotation over the years.


  • In this episode, Pikeman states that he won't rest until Camp Campbell is under the control of the Wood Scouts, and he actually achieves this goal (with some help from an outside source) in "Camp Loser Says What?"
  • The way Pikeman agreed on betting for the sake of new recruits for their camp is referenced again, similar to how he agreed on betting with Camp Campbell in exchange for new recruits in "Camporee".
  • When Quartermaster pulls up and says "new kid's here," it mimics a few other similar moments across several episodes. In "Escape from Camp Campbell" he says "kids are here", in "Parents' Day" he says "parents are here", and in "New Adventure!" he says "bus is here".
  • Max tugs at his hair in distress when realizing the arduous task of being well-behaved for the sake of the bet. He also does this in "Arrival of the Torso Takers" after snooping through "David's" affairs, and again in "Time Crapsules" while worrying about who he's become.
  • Jermy officially appears as a Wood Scout in his next appearance in "Gwen Gets a Job", and continues to be part of that camp in all future episodes.


  • Neil's right cheek was struck by the Frisbee that Nikki tossed. In the next scene, he is rubbing that same cheek, but a bruise is shown on his left cheek.
  • After Camp Campbell won the game, Quartermaster is shown to have driven off to town to pick Jermy up. He soon returns in less than 5 minutes with Jermy in the camp bus.
  • Contrary to David's word, Jermy's costume was not birch, as that type of wood has a distinct black-and-white pattern.
  • Nurf's hair was facing left instead of right when Pikeman was about to choose the "best camper".


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