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Season 2[]

"Jermy Fartz (episode)"[]

β€œ I wish! It's actually Jermy Fartz. It's a family name. But both of my friends call me Big Nips. ”

— Jermy Fartz, "Jermy Fartz"

"Gwen Gets a Job"[]

β€œ Ahh beans! ”

—Jermy when his paper boat caught fire.

"Cookin' Cookies"[]

β€œ But really, you're going to want to roll down the window. ”

—Jermy to Pikeman when he was told to stay in the van but got out, presumably due to the smell.

Season 3[]

"The Lake Lilac Summer Social"[]

β€œ Oh thank god. ”

—Jermy when Pikeman told him not to talk to anyone as he didn't trust him to convince anyone to join the Woodscouts.

β€œ Hey Sasha. Do you wanna dance with me? ”

—Jermy to Sasha before she threw up in her mouth prompting Jermy to say that he has that in common.

β€œ This is the happiest day of my lif-BLLLEEEGGGHHHH!!!!!! ”

—Jermy when he and Gwen were "elected" Homecoming King and Queen before getting nervous vomiting.

"Operation: Charlie Tango Foxtrot"[]

Season 4[]

"New Adventure!"[]

β€œ Ok, that's what I thought. ”

—Jermy when Pikeman said, they'd be dead without him.

β€œ Some of us don't really have a choice. ”

—Jermy when Nikki asks the Wood and Flower Scouts if they ever thought of spending time with anyone other than their usual groups.

"Camp Loser Says What?"[]

β€œ God bless America. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ ”