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Joe Nicolosi is a writer for Camp Camp as of Season 3, and has also directed episodes as of the fourth season. His main role on Rooster Teeth has been as the showrunner for fellow Rooster Teeth animated show Red vs. Blue in Seasons 15 and 16, taking over for Miles Luna.

Episodes Written[]

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Season 3[]

Season 4[]



  • He is originally from New York, and moved to Austin after graduating film school in Ithaca College.
  • After working on the episode "The Brick Gulch Chronicles" from the 14th season Red vs. Blue, he was then subsequently hired as of season 15.
  • He is married and has a son.
  • According to a Reddit AMA, his favorite character is Dexter Grif from Red vs. Blue.
  • He's an avid consumer of Topo Chico water, a fact noted in a company slide.